Did your CEO go out for milk and never come back? Join G.H.0.S.T

Is your corp dead? CEO went out for milk and never came back? Tired of having to auth to 20 discords and 15 voice comm servers? Do you hate high corp tax rates but love mining moons, null ratting, mixed in with some pvp (standard, alliance, and blackops)? Are you an introvert who doesn’t like talking all the time and enjoys a nice chill environment? You could be a G.H.0.S.T already.

Our goal is to be a primarily Blackops/recon corp and that requires pilots of all types.

We need:

  • Miners and industrial freaks to mine materials and build ships
  • Stalker/hunter/tackle freaks to find targets
  • Blops freaks. Blackops, recons, stealth bombers.
  • Seasoned FCs to lead fleets into the fire.


  • Sov Null without the hassle of large coalition wars and where the corp has two systems it’s responsible for.
  • Ice in the corp system
  • Moon mining access
  • Sov Null Ratting
  • A Corp and Alliance JF network to get your fav ships out quickly
  • Doctrine ships on contract and SRP
  • A great Alliance environment focused on looking out for and helping one another.
  • Industry structures for production, research, etc.
  • Plenty of ISK making options.
  • Rapid forming standard PVP fleets
  • Organized standard PVP fleets
  • 0.1% Ratting Tax Rate

What we are looking for.

  • 1 pilot, a group of friends, or a small corp interested in merging into and growing with another small corp.
  • 20mil SP minimum
  • T1 Bomber capable at a minimum
  • Must be ISK self sufficient or want to learn all the ways to become that way.
  • Pilots that are looking to become an integral part of the Corp and Alliance.
  • Groups of friends or small corps that may be interested in merging into us for the benefits.

Reach out to me in-game: Lycka Cool or join “G.H.0.S.T Pub”

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