Diplomacy in the rogue drones?

With the recent start of a new Rogue swarm alert I was happy to continue my research on rogues drones and their civilization.
Let’s see what we got this time:

  • we get the usual nest of rogue drones, complete with some wrecks probably recently salvaged.
  • lookouts that allow for drone swarm to emerge.
  • this time some nest seem to be “passive” about capsuleer presence, only the BS seem agressive 100% of the time.
  • there are some kind of “swarm overmind” that are disabled.
  • if this rogue drone is analysed, the nest overmind get out of his den to fight.
  • this drone is in isolation, probably from the nest at proximity because it is protected from regeneration (energy, shield/armor/hull remote boosters) and not susceptible to entosis link. We can’t either “give” things to it.
  • they are as unresponsive as ever. I tried in English and binary, before and after the undocking of the overmind, but got no answers.

my questions therefore are:

  • why the drone is just disabled and not destroyed? what do they want to do with it?
  • why the drones nests seem to be “independents” and not classified into one of the known faction.
  • why the data analyser detect that there is indeed something to hack, but it seem that we can’t even get some data.

and my early hypothesis:

With the recent opening of the Abyss, could it be that the deactivated ship is a member of the drones on the Triglavian side trying to rally independent nests?

Let’s hear what you think !


Have you tried a Purloined Sansha Data Analyzer fitted to an Echelon?


not yet since I wanted to test the aggressiveness of the nests. Have you?

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No I did not.

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Well I would be inclined to agree with your assessment considering that if I remember correctly the rouge drones are somewhat similar to us humans in some ways and rallying others to their cause is a rather human thing to do.

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Not sure. There has always been something odd about the Rogue Drones. SoE seem to have been working with them from time to time and they were able to use inactive star gates to colonise the Drone Regions. I have them on my list of things to investigate, and have had for some time. Their access to Abyssal Deadspace seems to be linked to Talocan sites., but the ones involved in this swarm aren’t Triglavian. The normal term for a Rogue Drone commander is Overseer, in that its an intelligent drone overseeing a number of slave drones. Overmind, certainly in the Triglavian sense, seems to indicate an external sentient intelligence running a drone body. This seems deliberate too.
‘This Rogue Swarm Overmind appears to have been disabled or subverted, perhaps by means of some variety of intrusion countermeasures software. It might be possible to hack into this disabled rogue drone and release the locks on its internal holds.’
Could the implants be a product of Triglavian technology?
'Implants that allow pilots to rewrite the firmware of standard drones on the fly are a relatively recent development but this implant uses rogue drone technology to achieve a similar effect. Using shipboard nano-systems the physical parameters of the drones will then be changed according to the tuning of the implant design. ’
I can’t tell, it looks like something is behind this latest swarm.

I tried with difference hacking tool, but nothing different happened.

The hacking seem only to force the swarm overmind to come out


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