Researching the Rogues Event

So I’ve mostly been doing my PvE in a Dragoon with the idea of just rushing at the enemy, keeping my angular velocity high, and then using shot ranged weaponry and my drones to do the work. With the afterburner on, since I have a nano in the lows, I move so fast I actually miss some frigates now and then, but enough of my shots connect it’s no problem. Will I be able to do the same for this event, or will it require more than just speed tanking and letting the drones loose?

You’ll be fighting drones, not other ships.

IMO kite the drones and let your drones do the work.

I now realize I can’t even find the damn thing. So there are two parts I need to do, I need to enter Rogue Drone Outgrowth Colony in High, Low, null, or wormhole space. I keep finding “Advanced Rogue Drone Outgrowth Colony” which I assume isn’t the same thing.

And I can’t find the AIR Rogue Researches site. Do these spawn in specific systems or do they spawn like normal anomalies am I just getting unlucky in my searches?

Advanced Rogue Drone Outgrowth Colony is the lowsec variant. It’s a harder, but more rewarding variant. As for the Rogue Researchers site, that’s a data site that you need to scan down and hack.


Thanks. So Advanced Rogue Drone Outgrowth colony does count, and Rogue Researchers I got to scan… oh nice that means I’m down one turret and battery.

Thanks for the info!

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