You know, rogues drones should be a main faction by now

they have been infecting all of the cluster for a while. diversifying and evolving. its weird that they are still so incomplete in content compared the main pirate factions. they are replicating organisms after all. with the appearance of Excavator drones, hives aligned with the Triglavs and the overall expansion in null sec regions CCP should have cemented the evolution of these things into more content avaliable for players.

there’s some cool missions to be found that involve them but the amount of anomalies and signatures is quite low. i dont really mind having less payout or reward compared to doing pirate sites but its sad at times.

i remember they mentioned Rogue Drone shipyards at some point but with the whole FOB and Pirate Sotiyo fiasco that idea was probably scrapped too.

Rogue Drones need more content added. perhaps now that they have their own faction marked in the list they could receive some PvE updates for the known space, perhaps even some inclusions in wormhole space.


I think Sentient Drones should drop random Faction modules from all other Factions, especially since they are Rogue and are found in all Factions space.

CCP should make it so that if a drone is abandoned and not scooped up for like 2 days (or whatever the time limit on they disappearing currently) they become rogue drones and join the nearest drone hive or something (where the hive could be like the pirate FOBs or entirely unreachable and just represent how dense the local rogue drone population is in general).

When at it also make it so when one feeds corpses to the Jovians they become more numerous or build up an incursion-like strike force (or FOB-alike presence) once a critical mass of corpses is reached.


Controlable infested ships

Rogue drones dont have anything that can be piloted by capsuleers. They only drop resources. From lore perspective and game mechanics perspective rogue drones are like the creatures you hunt to get skin and bones for your crafts.

CCP should have cemented the evolution of these things into more content avaliable for players.

If they would evolve, they would go their own evolutionary path, like chimps. They are not like Borg also, they dont assimilate living creatures.

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What if they just Infiltrator their way back onto the market?

rogue drones have corrupted programming, yes they seem capable of co-operation to some degree, and a minority of them are sentient, that still doesn’t mean they have all the ingredients to come together as a cohesive whole.

they are less like the borg, and more like widespread colonies of ants or termites. they are happy to leave each other alone, and may even co-operate from time to time if a threat affects multiple colonies, but they aren’t about to band together into a giant death ball for no reason.

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I have a better idea.

Any cloaked vessel, which is remaining AFK more than 30 mins in space (aka the cloak must start a ‘Sentinent Timer’), should be infected by Rogue Drones. The infected ships must kick out the pilot’s capsule and they have to join to the nearest Hive afterwards. :upside_down_face:

You seem very scared of AFK players. :joy:

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It’s an idea to solve the current cloaked AFK camping issue with new patch expansion, which become completely toxic, viral and game breaking.

Sadly, it can’t fix the current multiboxing issues - more online accounts is good. As soon you’ll engage a vessel like a BC class or bigger, no matter it’s AFK or not AFK, the Falcon will arrive on the second window and soon after that even a Scimitar on the third window. That’s all.

And about the scariest screen players… :cold_sweat:

Have n+1 friends and you beat them. :stuck_out_tongue: But anyway let’s not derail the thread otherwise this might be merged into the afk cloak discussion thread and we don’t want that.

I don’t see a need for making every NPC into a faction. For rogue drones to be a faction would they need to have a political agenda, a motive, which relates to other factions. If their goal however is to destroy any human life then they’re also against any faction and should be treated as factionless or anti-faction. Or we could declare a stick of Dynamite or any smart missile to have a faction, just because it can kill.

what afk camping issue? how is it game breaking? just get better Intel grow some gonads, and undock in something that you are prepared to loose ( you where doing that last step anyways right)

I’m a miner, I have an extensive mining fleet, just about every system in the region has been camped nearly 24/7 for months. we only recently got our capital umbrella back… and during all that time it has had absolutely zero affect on my gameplay other than I tend to use skiffs more often than hulks if i’m feeling paranoid.

the only “issue” with afk camping is your own fear of it. and the only way its game breaking, is if you allow it to break your game.


I fell in love with Rogue Drones right from those lvl1-2 simple missions where some doctor creates those AIs. Then Those Constructs in drone regions and Hive Mothers which clearly are Jovian in origin. And I like Jovian design a lot.

When Drifters were introduced, I thought they were Rogue Drone controlled half-awake Sleepers loaded into capsuleer bodies. Circadian Seekers look exactly like a Sleeper Cruiser with a head piece attached, that could be a Sentient housing. And the name implied it was a machine, a drone. And the fact Drifters live in Hives… But then they got abandoned, lore wise. At least they look so now.

Now with Abyss and Trigs, Rogue Drones finally got to have a Faction of their own. And it’s description goes:

While rogues drones come in all shapes, sizes and even personalities, the signs are that they do not exist in a unified collective. Much like their accidental creators, the rogue drones can be found co-operating locally, and even in relatively large and widespread ‘hive minds’, but they will readily attack and recycle drones from competing hives.


So the Hives compete and there are 5 of them within the Faction:

  • Navka works with Trigs in Abyss.
  • Scylla and Karybdis are Abyssal Rogue Drones which work with Drifters and Sleepers.
  • Unshackled Overminds are Abyssal Rogue Drones who work alone.
  • Infested Regions are common Rogue Drones we had in NS regions and all around New Eden.

BTW Navka Hive may be in some way equal to other Trig ‘Clades’:

The Navka Overminds are a form of rogue drone swarm that can be encountered in significant numbers throughout Abyssal Deadspace wherever Triglavian infrastructure is present. The designation ‘Navka’ seems to have some relationship to a subdivision of the Triglavian race that runs across the so-called ‘clades’.

It would seem that the Navka Overminds are either entirely suborned to Triglavian purposes or, perhaps more worryingly, are willingly working with them.

And Unshacked name implies that other ones are shackled.

This all is quite intriguing. And I still have hope. I hope they’ll at least post some chronicle or something. And make Rogue Drones more important and formidable force in the future.

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yeah its basically a faction composed of different strains, kinda like the 40K Tyranid hivefleets. their only prime directive is to survive and they do so via different interactions unless subjugated by higher entities.

in this case its not only Drifters and Triglavs, there’s also Dagan in the SoE epic arc or Dr. Delainen in that L3 mission chain (guy literally becomes a symbiont with the rogue drone battleship at the end). there’s also the fact from the last chronicles that SoE may have some kind of relation or control over rogue drones.

either way even if they dont have a human motive like say, the Guristas or Serpentis, they should have the same amount of PvE sites avaliable. it doesnt need to be agents allthought i bet it shouldnt be hard to make portraits of these things to use them for Rogue Drone NPC agents in space or something.

Rogue Drones have to get an uplift regarding their current state in the universe. the idea of a Rogue Drone Shipyard that dropped blueprints to craft unique fighters was interesting but it doesnt cover the potential these things could have in the future.

-a new rogue drone specific weapon
-ships with a rogue drone design and a drone related gimmick while not being droneboats themselves
-new kinds of “augmented” or “sentient” modules

there’s many options that could be included for developing the PvE oportunities of these things.


I think they should start taking over structures left in low power mode for more than a month.

For the first few weeks of infestation owners can clear them out, for a fee, but if one leaves them to their own devices for too long then they turn the structure into a fully functional Rogue Drone FOB.

New content + clears up structure proliferation.

Oh wait, this isn’t Features & Ideas…

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