Rogue Drones

I’ve always thought CCP could have done so much more with rogue drones in terms of them being the big baddie (yes, I know there’s something going on with the sleepers / trigs. But it doesn’t seem like there’s been much development on that front lately.) Incursions would have made much more sense to be rogue drones since they’re more or less a never ending scourge.

The following video more or less depicts what would happen if some drone hive started harvesting biomass to create a drone / zerg hybrid. Might make for an interesting ship line of living ships.

The queen of blades calls.

At one time, Rogue Drones were the focus of the Eve Lore/events team. A little over a decade ago, they released the Core Aria Inquiry when the Rogue Drone regions were created. (This was the lore that accompanied the appearance of these new regions.)

To the best of my knowledge there was no further lore development afterwards. This being said, when the Incursion events got into full swing two years later there was substantial speculation about a connection between Nation and the Rogue Drones. (I don’t think anything concrete surfaced.)

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