Rogue Drone Ship line

Specifically the normal pirate line: Frigate, Cruiser, Battleship. They already have ship models, but the introduction might encourage CCP to update them.

Rogue drones primarily do EM damage, so the easiest thing would be to just use bonused lasers, and maybe a few missile hardpoints. Maybe give them the ability to hack other people’s active drones and steal them.

My reason for suggesting this actually has more to do with getting rid of the massive isk faucet that is drone bounties, than it does for actually caring about flying Rogue Drone ships, but I’m sure some people would enjoy it.

Over 10 years ago (12-13?) CCP changed Rogue drones from dropping drone goo to giving bounties, because the mineral glut from the drone regions was causing a large number of supers to be produced. Thus the gun mining loophole was closed.

That said, all of those old alloy items are still in the game, they’re just no longer dropped from rogue drones. So if we went back to not having bounties on rogue drones, but have the wrecks salvage into the alloys, it would be easy for ccp to put those back into the drop table for the wreck salvage.

The twist here, is that drone alloys would no longer reprocess into base minerals, but instead be the base materials used for producing rogue drone ships and components.

Alternatively, instead of requiring the wrecks to be salvaged in order to gain anything from killing them, rogue drone rats could drop t1 equivalent rogue drone modules that could be reprocessed into the base drone alloys. So the modules would fill the same role as the old drone goo, but could also be functional modules for a capsuleer rogue drone ship.

The bpcs could be created through an invention process from data cores retrieved from rogue drone structures in anomalies, signatures, and missions.

So, we’d close the isk faucet, create isk sinks from production fees and market taxes, and have new toys to play with. And, old players would have new skills to train.

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I like the general idea.

I’d indeed hope that they’d get a visual update. After all, they are drones and not quite intended to be plugged in with capsuleers.

It could certainly make for some interesting lore. A drone hive mind could operate outside of the reasoning most human protagonists would need to be believable.

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i could see new drone types and new drone-boat modules or something, but yeah… i’m pretty sure rogue drone ships would’ve completely replaced the capsule port/core with other things, and removing that would… basically leave you with the original uninfested ship with a sick paint job?

maybe some sort of upgrade path for applying drone tech to existing hulls to create faction variants would be the way to go, so we’d end up with pirate faction ships, navy faction ships, and rogue drone faction ships. (unless you conisder rogue drones to be pirates already)

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Yeah, that’s why I suggested the ships be created through an invention process, rather than having bpcs dropped from the wrecks / structures.

There are 2 types of rogue drone ships. Those that are infested, as you’re talking about, and those that are unique drone designs. The second option is the ship line I’m speaking of.

And even if we don’t fly the same designs the drones fly, the invention process through the data cores would teach people the principals behind drone engineering, and we’d be able to make ship lines based on those principals.

That’s pretty good idea. Basically a way to mutate existing ships into a drone ship. And it would still serve the same purpose of closing the isk faucet and creating new isk sinks.

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