Some QOL ideas for CCP to mull over and pilots to troll me for suggesting

Hello everyone,

some ideas for CCP to mull over, i’ll put some headers on what topic it relates to;


BPO/BPC have an indicator on the icon for the ME/PE levels.

functionality to ‘stack’ BPO/BPC in the industry window (given they have the same number of runs, ME and PE levels.

Moon Ore links on moon materials like technetium having carnotite and other ores in the info like minerals do currently.

A new industrial ship that could blast moon chunks that are being pulled in order to steal a portion of it, which then has a stability expiry which causes it to disintegrate unless attached to an athanor moon drill in any area of space before that occurs, mass of the ship is affected by size of the chunk extracted, can be moved through wormholes if large enough, large ship like an orca mass, very little tank, would require an escort.


Faction Warfare;
a new mechanic which allows members of FW to destroy faction warfare mission beacons with a hacking module, fails the mission for the person running it, this would deter pilots running hordes of mission runners leaving systems with 10+ missions per system a clause to this detriment could be a influence mechanic based on number of missions completed and/or ships killed

cloaks need not have a decloak immunity, because all that happens is cloak users will ping between bookmarks when they need to reset the timer.

Window layout profiles and Shortcut profiles would be a real diamond about now with this game.

Thanks if you read this and i anticipate your replies, feel free to add your own, since it looks like the features and ideas mega-thread is gone.

Added to this being a possible rebalance for the Bastion Module

the recent change to the Bastion module DPS increase, make it so the change is reverted, but then create a T2 Bastion Module (with or without a skill addition) which re-implements the current differential between the old bastion and current bastion module as the difference between the T1 and T2 module varient!!!

  1. Yup I’m totally agreed with this.
  2. No opinion
  3. Why not just mine the belt created when the rock pops?
  4. I have no idea what this is trying to solve? / create?
  5. No opinion
  6. The launcher has options for selecting profiles that store EXACTLY this.
  7. What “imbalance” will this fix?
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  1. awesome

  2. to give opportunity to people to create chaos in the industry of groups, and to motivate defence of mining fields past the defence of the mining fleets.

  3. it’s to give chance to pvp pilots to disrupt to ISK printing that happens in FW space.

  4. ah right, didn’t know that, been out of game for a long time, will look into it.

  5. a continuity imbalance, they buffed the module but missed the opportunity to add a depth to marauders that currently isn’t.

possibly incorporate a PI overview into the industry panel alongside the manufacturing, science and reactions, which shows the scan range and other abstract data like scan accuracy.

maybe create functionality for players to restart extractors through the industry window.

remembered another

for people who do PI extensively, maybe CCP could add POCO access to access lists, would make collections more timely, and the ships collecting more lucrative to destroy.

people who don’t want to do collections might also be able to ‘rent’ their PI chains to people who want to do most of the legwork with this mechanic.

this only saves the graphics settings and options, nothing about the client data is saved from what i can see from client profiles…

Logistics related: create availability for extra corp hangars for increased office taxes

QOL related: a loot-all hotkey if in range of an opened cargo container/wreck/hold.

Well, I use a batch file to copy my window positions and client settings from one toon to all my others.

the point is for CCP to literally code in functionality for the generic playerbase to optimise their characters on each account and between accounts. although, setting up a batch file is hardly difficult.

I personally think things like this should be stored as a basic ini format. Allowing me to correctly place borderlesss Windows where I want them, things like that.

like the border edge and the like? would make sense i guess, but why would CCP make usability more convenient when the economic model revolves around engineering tediousness

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