Feature Requests

I have been playing EVE for some time and I have a couple of feature Requests/Suggestions, I hope this is the right place for them.

The ability to disguise your ship

This would be fairly useful when moving ships around and could possibly be applied like a skin for a limited period, it would have the benefit of making any enemy spies have to work a bit harder to determine intent and could also be a great baiting method.

Leasing highsec Infrastructure

what I would be suggesting is the ability to lease stations from NPC highsec corporations for a period of time, if this is done through the Plex system or for raw ISK, I have no idea.

This would come with various ISK sinks, paying standard station costs and paying to maintain the security status of the system (paying for concord).

If the payments lapse the system would fall in to Nullsec for the duration of the lease, this might allow for some emergent gameplay, cutting off high value systems etc

Let me know your thoughts?

Rename your ship

The already throw their rattles out of the pram with cloakers. Changing ship appearance won’t happen either.

At least it’s not as stupid an idea as a module/ship to hide from local chat.

Plant your own structure or rent an office.

Shutting down and turning Jita 4-4 into null, won’t happen, even null blocks have to sell their items to fund their habbit.

Gate camp if you want to shut it off.

D-scan is only one method of identifying ships, Im proposing a more encompassing option which could be useful for highsec wars and some potential for Null and this would limit or misdirect cloakers to some extent.
Some protections around trade hubs and the surrounding systems perhaps may be required…

What like ……. Flying around in a catalyst that looks like a venture?

No thanks. No issues with ganking as everyone knows but that’s just a griefing mechanic right there.

Why? If it’s going to be an isk sink as you outlined then what do I get for that? It’s not like I can’t use the facilities in the station anyway……… and I doubt that enough people are manufacturing etc in NPC stations to make that element profitable.

Does it matter if you get ganked by a Venture or a Catalyst? if someone chooses to engage what they see as an easy kill and it turns out to be not so easy is that griefing?

For the NPC stations you would be able to set tax, add/remove additional services, have some control over the security status and the system as a whole.

You can already do that with player structures.

True, but the NPC stations are permanent and cannot be destroyed

Now you’re getting the point.

Or looked at from the opposite side. It’s a mechanic that is open to abuse. Sacrifice one high slot on a cat for a mining laser…… sit at a belt in this “disguise” pretending to mine. Then blap the next venture that shows up.

Something like this will be used to the extreme by people just out to farm tears.

So I could not pay concord in the 0.6 system and make it a 0.5 so I can set up moon mining? I can make high sec into low sec. Just to f*ck with people?

Or can I turn a 0.5 into a 0.6 by paying concord and shut down moon mining operations in that system?

Can I rent indefinitely? Once I rent a structure how do other players get a shot? It’s pretty crap if it’s first come first served and then tough luck everybody else.

How can other players disrupt my operation?

I assume renting a structure would make the corp war eligible given the “benefits” it is giving?

This can already happen to some extent, but the skin to disguise a ship does not necessarily have to be cheap.

Perhaps if Concord are not payed it flips back to the NPC corp after 24 hours, obviously every other day it “could be 0.5”, it could be that you need great standings with the NPC faction to lease and you lose those standings if bills are not paid.

On that basis I would be against these changes.

Ending HS would be ending Eve. Every MMO game has some kind of HS areas. If anything, Eve has went beyond other games by making HS dangerous. Ending NPC stations would also have a similar effect. This feature only goes one way, down and out.

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