Thoughs of Nullification, anoms, small structures, citadel 2.0. and other general stuff

With the release of the minutes, it’s good to know that some issue are being worked on. That being said, here are thoughs and ideas that I came up with.

  1. Nullification.
    Sadly CCP placed themselves between a rock and a hard place on this. To many groups use interceptor fleets and T3C for ops, sadly they are the same group calling for counters or to Nerf them. When I saw that someone suggested to remove the combat ability from nullifed ships I laughed. We all know that it won’t happen as people will cry from EVERY PART of EVE.

That being said, there are 3 ways to go about this.
A. Only T2 exploration frigates should of been nullifed.
B. Add a script to heavy dictors that can catch nullifed ships, this can be countered by prepared FCs but will give some counter where there is none.
C. This really applies to T3C, but if they are covert ops and nullifed they should be gimped when it comes to combat fits. As it stands there are no other ships that can be combat that contain both of these.

In my conclusion both B&A are viable and should be taken in consideration.

I love the idea that they might be adding new stuff for Wormholes. I also love the idea that the new AI might be added as well. Here are my ideas and suggestions I came across for W-Space.

A. Add pirate combat sites to W-space, these should not be existing null or low sec with maybe the exception of high end DED sites like the maze. These new sites should be able to repair you standing with pirates making the player chose to help or attack, there should be multiple variables including the new AI. This would also help lore wise as the developer could add some story to why there are so many data and relic sites. Also these can possibly spawn a officer depending on class starting from C3 up

B. Add empire sites, these could be anything from saving a stranded ship to attacking a other empire. These should also effect standing and like the pirate versions have a possibility to drop both faction bpc and gear.

C. Add O.R.E sites where you must defend or assist them in exchange for gear, bpc, and or a escalation type spawn where there is high value ore and ice. This should be for all classes of W-Space.
Conclusion; All of these should be added, they should all included elements of the new AI. This should prevent afk and bring new opportunities to W-Space for both ratters and hunters.
CCP should add these to W-space to see how players adapt and how it’s received before adding the new AI or new sites to null/low

Structures and small Citadels.
Before I start I want to let you know the point A is a personal opinion which I will tie with small structures and give my reasoning behind it.

A. All citadels excluded the Keepstar and soy should get +2h +2m and +1L with the keep getting +1h and +1L and they soy getting +1h,+1m,+1L. This will allow small and medium corps to better defend themselves in high/low and W-Space. As it stands, if CCP were to release small Citadels most larger corps would just view them as loot pinatas as they would be unable to defend themselves even from 3-4 people.

B. Renew development on the GTFO module for citadels, when small/medium corps hear that you were adding this we rejoiced as it would help us deal with wardecs and larger corps. Sure it wouldn’t stop a determined foe, but it would give us a fighting chance or help rid of 3rd party logi. Also competent Corps and FC would still be able to counter this with fleet positions and setups.

C. Remove the cycle and reactivation of the web and scram. It’s counter intuitive to the defense of ones structure, also it benefits the attackers when it’s the defender that should have the high ground. This new limitation shouldn’t be added especially if A and B are ignored.

D. With the new hacking feature added the citadel should point someone that failed the first hack for 5 minutes with a warning to all members of the holding corp. If the hacker fails the second time the defenses should automatically attack the hacker, this includes neuts, ECM, and point-defense-systems.

Now on to small cits,
A. They should fit in a orca along with the fit.

B. They should have a anchor timer between 1-3 hours and a unanchor timer of 2-5 hours.

C. Slot lay out should be 4H with 2 launchers, 3M and 1L with 3 fighter tubes.

D. It should have a service module that allows reprocessing and repair.

Conclusion for citadels,
B, C, and D should be implemented without exception. While I wish A would be added it’s a far fetch and is highly improbable, however the slots of the citadels should be considered.
For small structures I fell like the points made are a good base line, however feel free to offer suggestions or counter argument.

General stuff

A. Leave the ferox alone, it’s in a good place and is one of the shield tanks that are great for many engagements.
B. I for one would love to see more life in space, one thought would be to bring back the small industrial ships and there escorts throughout empire space. The new idea concerning planets is a great idea.
C. Changes to the LP store is needed along with tags, whether they change the price or tag required or add information to were they drop.
D. Limit the number of wardecs a Corp can have active but changes to local and third party logi needz to be addressed.
E. Permanent Ferox and Kestral Gurista skin please.
F. Please leave ECM burst alone, but if you do please remember the griffin, blackbird, scorpion, and their T2 counterparts.

Can’t think of anything else, nevertheless I know there are concerns not addressed here due to the fact that they may not effect me as much or I overlooked them.

You missed option D for Nullification.
Remove it entirely, but also remove anchored bubbles. Want a bubble in space, put a HIC there so someone is at risk.

The reason everyone wants to use nullified fleets is so they don’t get stuck in every single gate at both ends.


We all know that your idea won’t work, nor happen

And your’s is just as unlikely and harmful at the same time. Now that CCP put so much effort into nurturing and creating huge power blocks, ceptor fleets are the only thing that can roam their space without getting trapped in a system by sheer force of titan and super capital bubble camps. Removing nullification from ceptors would make certain, already safe and incredibly rich, areas of space even safer and even harder to interrupt.


Translation from nullbear to English:

I cannot pvp and I deserve a killmail whenever I undock because of my alliance ticker. CCPlease make change all ships so they explode when our alliance ticker is in system.

At first I was wondering what you were talking about, then I reread my post and noticed my mistake. I edited it and will rephrase that I believe that Nullification must continue to exist even on interceptors .However I do think that T3C should have gimped fits when both cloak and nullifed is active. Sacrificing both tank and dps to gain this advantage

Cepters should have anemic DPS if they’re insta-warp.

There is no issue with nullification, that’s the truth. There is an issue with Aegis sov, making combat ceptor fleets effective.

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