How to Communicate with Rogue Drones?

Does anyone have Experience with reliably Communicating with Rogue Drones ?

I have heard Rumours about the Sisters of Eve doing so but I am unsure which of them Might be a suitable Contact.

I recently had An Idea that might be Beneficial for All.


Oh no. :neutral_face:


Yeah, I speak Violence very well. By the way, if you want to say hi to the rogue drones, go into Pochven. Lots of em about, including carriers. I’ve seen those things wipe out entire Triglavian fleets.

Scorch works well, best in L-Size.


I prefer auto cannons. Mostly because bulet funy

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Rogue Drone psychology has been a field of study of mine for a number of years now. While I have found that direct communication with a single drone mind in a manner like how we converse is extremely rare (see Algintal report), it is easier to send signals to a hive as a whole.

From my research it appears that each hive, or hive mind may have its own form of dialect or “accent”. However there are common themes which can be gleaned. My paper goes into greater details on why this may be, but in short I theorize that there are certain information transfer patterns which are just so efficient a representation of and idea they are universally understood. It just takes a monumental amount of observation and data collection to find these patterns including but not limited to radio waves, patterns of light (across multiple spectrums), and even interpretive dance.


I’m curious what a rogue AI would have to say. Rogue drones are very aggressive, but that might be an automatic response from the hive. Would it be dismissive? Would it be willing to cooperate, or would it be belligerent and ignore attempts at contact? I’ve actually had rogue drones yell stuff at me in binary, but I didn’t think to translate it at the time. Probably just short words like “die”, given how it wasn’t very long text (and also how I was in a combat site). Interesting to think about nonetheless.

Have you been reading Iain M banks by any chance? lovely ongoing thread in his book The Hydrogen Sonata of a Culture ship engaging in complex forms of ship dance as it guides them through a potentially hostile development.

Entities in New Eden are already in communication either openly or forced with the rogue drones, the Drifters, The Triglavians, possibly Sansha and even “the other”

Its the needle class drone that we have to thank for the needle jack filaments after they managed to penetrate abyssal space.

The Trigs on their own are already extremely fascinating. And the behavior of everything in Pochven seems extremely agitated, including the rogue drones (I think the Pochven region is the only place other than null where drones appear in such numbers). I rarely see large rogue drone ships, much less see them engage with system authorities. Pochven is a very weird region, simply because of how much like players they behave, in the sense that they drop fleets on top of fleets. If anyone has a recon ship or other stealth ship, I do recommend taking a look at some of the POIs in the Trig systems.

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I am unfamiliar with the title or the author, but will add it to my ever growing list of audio books for late nights in the lab. Thank you, that sounds interesting yet unlike the phenomena mentioned.

I recently recorded this message from a solitary rogue drone in Perrigen Falls



Rogue drones are the gallentean creation and thus share their basic ideal of so-called freedom. They do express it by considering sentient beings as no more than component materials for their own construction, freedom allows them to do whatever they want, without any morals, codes, law or restrictions. Rogue drones are the penultimate version of Gallente Federation.

And while indeed they like their creators do seem to express actual signs of intelligence, they are simply beyond reason.

Suggestion for dealing with either of them is termination on contact, which will be truly Beneficial for All (apparently, besides gallenteans and rogue drones themselves, but again, if they’re beyond reason - there’s no need to ask them or include them into definition of ‘All’).

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