DirectX 12 related issues

After the last patch, if I have the DirectX 12 checked, my eve clients are just freezing just before logging in. Is there any fix for this? Or has anyone else dealt with this issue?

I am using Windows 11 and I have an RTX2060 as graphic card.


DX12 also broke the Mumble overlay. It only works with DX11.


I mean, yeah…I can fire up my clients by not checking that DX12 thingy…but it looks a bit weird and most of the skins are broken.

My red fiery Panther now is blue hehehe.

Glitch aside, that skin design doesn’t look too bad. Better than most skins CCP has ever created, to be honest. The issue with the Panther might be related to the known issue with missing texture parts on that hull.

Is this DX12 addition new since last patch (yesterday/2days ago or so)?

Don’t know if this is related, but since a day or two my clients become slower and sloppier/hickuppy the longer i am logged in. It starts with me noticing a bit of lag when alttabbing between clients, and it gets to a point where my whole system just locks up and i have to do a hard reboot of my system.

I noticed my clients started using up more and more memory over time, to a point where some of my clients where using up over 5gb of ram per client. Maybe related to the heavy stuttering and lagging, my GPU utalisation drops dramaticly. Sometimes this process takes a few minutes, sometimes it can take hours before my client’s memory usage becomes unstable.

I have already confirmed it only happens while i have eve clients running, playing any other games i dont get this issue. Nevertheless i did a full game/windows/all sorts of drivers reinstall and ran all the checks i could for faulty memory/gpu issues, i could not find any. After the full reinstall of basically everything the issue persists.

I am checking now if turning off DX12 will fix the issue!

Update: Ran multiple clients for a few hours with DX12 off, all problems are gone.
Update 2: Seems the issues still seem to persist to a certain level. Normally i could run 10 accounts no problem for multiple hours, now it gets really chuggy once i reach 4 or 5…

This is literally unplayable - DX12, Black mode, single client, GPU load is 80% percent, FPS is 350+.
Literally can’t handle more than just 1 client.

I had FPS limited to 60 with DX11 and was able to handle 4+ clients easily couple of days ago.

I’ve the same problem. I went from maxed out graphic settings to impossible to play even with al settings set to low and resolution dropped down. It started with the dx12 “update.” Extremely long black screens and I am frozen exiting station.

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Even with DX12 deactivated we can’t get through fleets without having dozens of game crashes. To make it worse, the clients seem to freeze up when action is happening, so my client just crashed while in the middle of a 1v1. It’s hard to enjoy the thrill of battle when you’re worrying about the client crashing… please revert the update asap until a patch is developed.

Vysnc (interval one) does not work for me in fixed windows mode, neither in DX11 or DX12, it keep jumping from 180 to 300. I tried FRTC and Chill, does not work either. Only in fullscreen.

Still having this issue even with directx 12 disabled. Have got the launcher set up to “download the full game client.” I get what looks like grid load lag when something lands on grid, or when I land on a new grid.

Yes, this !

It has been driving me nuts yesterday.

Ended up updating Windows, full driver update, reinstall EVE client ( full client download ). Helped, but still have frame drops.

Like game is “loading” textures every single time I undock or jump gate - etc.

DX 12 disabled helpes as well, but not much.

In another thread someone said that limiting FPS or Vsync in DX12 allowed them to run multiple clients. Not sure if you’re able to do that but may be worth a try.

Yes, this is exactly what it seems to be like regardless of whether DX12 is ticked or not, every grid load seems to trigger reloading of all textures (based on disc activity and rough correlation with how populated the grid is).

Thinking this was a “Windows 10 Issue”, I moved to GNU/Linux environment but it also crashes my PC

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