Disabled Capsuleer Corporation

Are you or someone you know have a disability? Are they playing EvE or want to introduce them to EvE?
A new Corporation has been formed by Jennifer Austin, CEO of the Disabled Capsuleer Corporation.

" I found the corporation because I noticed there is no Corporation for people with disabilities on EVE Online

We will accept able-bodied people also so please if you’re interested in joining Join one of the public chat channels or the Discord chat Channel and say hello"

" If you’re interested in joining the corporation there is communication details in the details. Feel free to drop in and say hello and see if we match up in our goals in life. Fly safe"

Disable Capsuleers Corporation Recuiting

As the CEO acknowledges that various Disabilities hinder some in 1 area and not other areas, All walks of life are being brought into the corporation including pvp.

Contact Jennifer Austin or join the public recruitment channel for more information.

Also yes I am helping to assist them.


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