Disallow supercaps from entering anomalies?

Blackout seems to be going well. But as pointed out by others, super capital ratters in alliances with super umbrellas are still having it too easy. There is nothing hunters can do against them. Does something need to change?

Without vastly reworking capital ships and cynos, one possible option is to disallow super capitals from entering anoms. Though that would require a rework of how anom’s work so that they operate in a similar way to deadspace pockets, preventing larger ship sizes from entering.

With the huge amounts of isk super caps can easily farm from anoms outdoing the isk that can be made from doing DED 10/10’s, and with DED sites having ship size restrictions, it does seem a bit odd that there’s not a ship size requirement for anoms. It’s almost like this aspect has been overlooked because in the old days DED sites were the best isk, not anoms.

No, go away.


So you don’t think there is an issue with the safety that can be achieved by supercap ratters while under the protection of a super umbrella? They get to farm huge amounts of isk in 100% security. Zero risk.

Bollocks. There is no such thing as zero risk.

I guess we need to give it more time to see what effect blackout has.

Ask these guys, I bet they’ll say it wasn’t 0 risk.

of course…then there are the sucky ones that die to rats anyway… https://zkillboard.com/kill/77703170/

The error is in thinking setting these up is somehow easy

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I was going to post the same idea as OP but my motivation is different.
I’m a super pilot. Have a fax and full Eve 2019 umbrella toolkit. But there’s something that have been bothering me about it.
A capital ratting in an anomaly generates a giant gap at Eve economy. Just think for one second. And try to imagine a new player frying to keep it up with everyone around him. I saw many newbros starting the game already training for a carrier to optimize ratting. And Right after that a super?
All the isk generated by it make the price of everything rise and we all end in a never ending circle of plex. Caps. Injectors. Rorqual. More caps
Soo? Nowadays I have an opinion that caps shouldn’t be allowed to generate isk. They should be war assets. That would make the isk value rise and stop this never ending circle, maybe?
It breaks my heart to see someone starting this game logging once a week because he’s training to a carrier. Do we really need this?
When I started I was soo happy ratting in a battle cruiser. Marking isk to join fleets.

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