Disasterpiece - Looking for Pandemic disasters! (EU/US)

EU/US-Based Corp
India, Chinese, English and Ukraine Diplomats

Ми є корпорацією, що базується в ЄС/США, з дипломатами з Індії, Англії та України.

Disasterpiece LTD is a freshly established corporation with astronomical ambitions, now a part of the renowned Pandemic Horde. We’re welcoming all intrepid pilots, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a bright-eyed rookie, to join our thrilling venture!

What we offer

:dizzy: A vibrant, diverse community geared up to conquer the cosmos.

:wrench: Comprehensive training and unrelenting support for newcomers diving into the exhilarating world of nullsec operations.

:studio_microphone: A lively voice chat for tactical discussions, strategic planning, and engaging banter.

:moneybag: Full ship SRP for losses sustained during fleet operations.

:mortar_board: Regular PVP and trade classes to enhance your prowess and prosperity.

:milky_way: Access to the largest standing fleet in the game and regular mining fleets - your ticket to nullsec’s riches.

:rocket: Frequent large-scale roams in the thrilling landscapes of nullsec.

What we need

:medal_military: Active pilots devoted to our collective nullsec dreams.

:studio_microphone: Mic-ready players for efficient and effective communication during operations.

:bulb: Team-spirited individuals prepared to back their corp mates and pursue our shared goals.

:rocket: New and seasoned PVP enthusiasts hungry for action.

:gear: Industrious folks for various roles, including Head of HR, Industry Officers, and HR team members.

When you join Disasterpiece, you’re signing up to be part of a squad keen on crafting a novel chapter in EVE’s lore. We’re looking for pilots ready to embrace the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead.

With us, every battle becomes a blank canvas and every crisis a chance to craft a masterpiece. We are Disasterpiece - sculpting art from chaos. Be part of the Disasterpiece, make your mark.

For more information, please contact “LoneDragxn” in game or join our Discord at Disasterpiece"

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Still Recruitng !!

Having fun thus far :smiley:

Still recruiting!!!

still recruiting

lets goo

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