Infinity for Disasters Industry and PvP Corp

Infinity for Disasters is recruiting pilots interested in industry, mining, and pvp. We are a small but growing corp that is easy going and relaxed. We don’t have any mandatory events as we believe this is a game and you should play it at your pace. We are focused on enjoying the game and having fun with a good group of players. Our corp offers a variety of opportunities and services related to industry, mining, and pvp. To name a few we have access to moon rocks, ice, manufacturing services, and knowledgable pvp players who are willing to teach players how to pvp. New players are welcome and will have the option to be trained in whatever area(s) they would like to focus in. If you’re interested in joining pm Leerio in game, send Leerio an Eve mail, or apply to Infinity for Disasters to join! We look forward to play Eve with you and fly safe out there!.

Would you like to build an alliance together?

Let me know!



I’d be open to discussing it but my corp and I are somewhat reserved about the idea. Shoot me a email in game to Leerio and we can chat more about it:)

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