Infinity For Disasters Corporation

Hi all! Infinity for Disasters is a mining and industrial corporation that is looking to expand and would love to have new pilots join! We operate in high sec and low sec, and we offer a variety of ways to make isk! what we offer players:

-Multiple ways to make isk.
-Common BPOs for corp mates to use.
-Mining boosts
-Ore buyback program
-Corporation owned station to store belongings and use of the facilities modifications
-Ship replacement if ship is a corp fit ship and is lost during a corp operation.
-A friendly atmosphere to relax and make some isk in.

If this interests you apply to the corp in game or get in touch with me (Leerio) for further details about the corp. We look forward to meeting you and hope you fly safe out there. o7

Wasup Leerio-Wasn’t sure if you wanted to add a few null sec systems to hold up in and smack some reds around.

The space is in Tenerifis (2PG and PEK) If your Corp is at all interested in some fresh content stop by our discord: (Wormageddon)

Keep your own identity and goals; we are only looking for like minded bro’s who want to have a good time.

-Xeno Dragoon

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