Infinity For Disasters-High Sec & Wormhole Corp


Infinity For Disasters (IFD) is a a new bro friendly corporation that is happy to help teach, and provide experience to new players. We are PvE, and Indy focused with some PvP up and coming. We are based in High Sec with wormhole excursions at the moment.

Content includes but is not limited to:
-Lvl 1-4 Mission running
-Market trading
-Wormhole Ratting
-Low Sec PvP Roams

We’re a laid back, easy going group of people. No Drama, and don’t be a prick. We have a few veteran pilots willing to help new players out. We have fun, and are planning on moving into a wormhole to fatten our wallets, and increase the fun per hour. If this is something that interests you reach out to Infinity For Disasters, or O’Larney and we will talk more about getting you into the corp! As always fly safe. o7


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