Infinity for Disasters Corp

If you are a miner or industrialists we are looking for you! We are new player friendly, casual corp, and we’re here to make some isk. if you’re interested in joining just apply to the corp Infinity for Disasters and I’ll accept you in 1-2 days time. We have a high sec station, we mine in high sec and low sec, we have access to ice in low sec 1 jump away, and we have a ore buyback program to utilize. Take care and fly safe.

Cool thanks… I will search for corp in game and come say hello.

Wrong place of the forum since there is whole Recruiting place available.

So youve got all the combat personnel, marketters and diplos you need then… right?

Sounds interesting. Will apply with an alt :smiley:

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I’ve moved this thread to the correct forum, Recruitment Center, good luck :wink:

Thank you Sakimura. I wasn’t aware that there was a different forum for recruiting.

I’ve been moving into to school and getting settled in with classes but I’ll get online today or tomorrow and accept your applications if you are still interested. Sorry for the delay!

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