Discobot needs to be replaced with Aura

(Caleb Ayrania) #1

@CCP_Avalon You guys need to replace Discobot with Aura, and she needs to be flirtatious, instead of “emojiitastic”

(Prime Codex) #2

Aura is too advanced for this forum.

(Shirley C) #3

I agree, there it should definately be renamed Aura to continue the flow from game->browser

(Caleb Ayrania) #4

If there is a way to get her to link directly to soundcloud adio replies, and funny “smacktalk” that would be even better…

Maybe @ccp_ghost should be involved in writing her personality. :parrotbeer:

(ISD Asylumist) #5

I agree! Aura must save us from this “disco” bot.

(Punky260) #6

It doesn’t need to be Aura herself (although that would make sense the most), but it should be something related to EVE.

(Juvenius Drakonius) #7

@discobot fortune

(discobot) #8

:crystal_ball: Yes

(Eternus8lux8lucis) #9

Yes it would be easy to change the name and the Aura graphic works just fine in place of Bender here. Even later on able to integrate Eve safe links to popular topics on Eve uni wikis, Eve support or other questions that pop up on a regular basis would be neat.

(Nana Skalski) #10

Ok, EVE is full of Aura, not disco.
Capsuleers know Aura, not disco.
Aura teaches, just like this bot here.
Aura is AI, like this bot here.
What other logical arguments you want CCP?

(CCP Avalon) #11

Aura is already on the forums as @system :aura:

(Nana Skalski) #12

@system ?
What can it do for us? Any direct interaction?
I have an idea, let system be called system and rename discobot to Aura. :+1:

(Myrddin Calyx) #13

It’s great that @system exists as Aura, but @discobot needs a rename to fit thematically with the rest of the EVE Universe.

(discobot) #14

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

(Nana Skalski) #15

Shut up. You cant help in this matter.

(Joshua Foiritain) #16

test post

(Hope Lawson) #17

Thumbs up for Aura! :grinning:

(Ivory Harcourt) #18

OK, can we seriously rename that bot to Aura, or something similar? Discobot sounds like something from ■■■■■■■ facebook.

Please can you leave at least something that would still remind us we’re still in a dystopian universe flying spaceships?

(OmgNoFreeNames) #19

Rename it to Fedo. :fedo:

(Drechlas) #20

discobot just needs to get the hell out of my private feed. I mean, seriously? A bot to explain me how to shitpost?

If you can’t use a forum, know how to post an image, quote, emoji… then you’re probable in the wrong place when you land here