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The Alliance

DISCORD Assembly is an independent organization founded to succeed CONCORD. DISCORD Assembly exists to destroy negotiations between all player-owned alliances as well as to ruin inter-stellar trade through biased policing and regulations. DISCORD stands for Dissolved Cooperation and Relations Command.

Officer Excessive Force

“DISCORD Recruit”

Our Mission Statement

“To Obey and Survive”

Who are we? New Eden’s Finest, that’s who we are. Tired of working for sub-par law enforcement agencies like CONCORD? Accused of excessive force? Too many IA investigations? Bad leadership? About to get terminated for conduct unbecoming? You have come to the right place to restart your law enforcement career.

Forget everything you know about law enforcement in EVE Online. DISCORD Assembly is the premiere law enforcement alliance in EVE. Whether it’s enforcing mining permits in High-Sec, seizing drugs from suspected criminals, we have a job for everyone. In DISCORD Assembly, we give you the tools you need as an officer of the law to get the job done. Don’t worry about the rest, our union lawyers are the best in New Eden who fight to protect you against frivolous accusations and complaints. The department has your back.

What we offer?

  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Small-Gang PVP content
  • Assistance to move your items to our system
  • Weekly Roams and Daily PVP Content
  • CONCORD Fleet and Police Skins

What we need?

  • Experienced officers with patience and good attitude.
  • The ability to communicate via DISCORD. (Haha, get it?)
  • Time Commitment, real life comes first but make an effort to fly with us.
  • Humbleness and the ability to get along with other Alliance members.
  • Officers who can help make the alliance better.


We are recruiting from the most experienced to the newest rookies. DISCORD Assembly is looking to fill it’s ranks with the highest quality of officers who are ready to enforce the law. To join, simply contact us and we will schedule an Internal Affairs interview with you.

Contact Us.

You may reach me in-game for more information on joining or visit our website at (UNDER DEVELOPMENT) for additional information or join the channel “DISCORD Recruit”

Wow! I’m glad I joined, I almost got terminated from Internal Affairs when I worked in CONCORD for accusations of evidence tampering, conduct unbecoming and suicide ganking.

After I left and joined DISCORD, I was able to start my law enforcement career all over again.

I’m glad it changed your life.

I was being investigated by the space community in Eden for possible war crimes and famine but after joining DISCORD Assembly, I was finally able to be a part of an agency that back’s it’s members. I’m glad I joined New Eden’s Finest.

I recommend this department. If you want to do some real hardcore police work, this is the place to go.

CONCORD is a joke.

I understand your frustration Space Stalin






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