(NEF) CONCORD Authority: Police Corporation (CONCORD Alliance) New Eden's Finest

The Corporation(s)

The CONCORD Authority is a small but growing PVP law enforcement focused Corporation. Currently The Corporation was created to branch off into more Low-Sec and High-Sec PvP while other CONCORD sister Corporations are focused on other special interest groups such as worm-holing and Null-Sec PvP. As we gain more members and fill the ranks of our two primary Corporations we will expand into other areas.

We are focused on a mature environment and culture that wants to PvP and get better at the game while also maintaining our identity as a player run extension of CONCORD, EVE’s major law enforcement faction. We are a special niche group and we hope to bring a new experience to EVE.

PVP ranges from low-sec, high-sec to worm holing. There is no limit.

Our Mission & Future Goals

We are a (soon to be) police alliance that acts as an unofficial extension of the CONCORD police force in EVE Online. We operate in areas where CONCORD traditionally does not operate, such as Low Security Space, Null Security Space, and Wormhole space. We aim to protect non-violent individuals from the pirates and heathens that may lurk this space, and diffuse conflict between corporations, alliances and coalitions wherever possible.

We hope to someday become a major contender in the infinite power struggle of EVE. There are plenty of Pirates and we would love to see a counter pirate alliance solely focused on law enforcement. We also hope into the future to gain the attention of CCP and to be able to get representation for the EVE Law Enforcement Community. We truly believe we will bring a fun and unique experience.

We one day hope to see player operated police fleets, all with our favorite ships with police skins & viable CONCORD ships engaging pirate fleets. Until that day comes, we use what we can and we do our best to work with what we have. We love this game and we want to grow, although we are small.

What we offer?

  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Small-Gang PVP content
  • Fun, roleplaying experience.
  • Assistance to move your items to our system
  • Weekly Roams and Daily PVP Content

What we need?

  • Experienced players with patience and good attitude.
  • The ability to communicate via DISCORD.
  • Time Commitment, real life comes first but make an effort to fly with us.
  • Humbleness and the ability to get along with other Alliance members.
  • Pilots who can fly T3 Cruisers and higher.


We ask potential members to be respectful. Spamming zkillboard stats and trolling or degrading comments will get you ignored. Everybody starts somewhere and EVE is what you make of it. If you aren’t having fun that you should stop doing it in EVE is a golden rule.

The character of the player behind the capsuleer is more important than the experience of the player but we are open to recruitment from anyone. Although we are currently open to recruiting, our Internal Affairs division will conduct a background investigation on you for security purposes and you will be placed on a probationary period.

Contact Us.

You may reach me in-game for more information on joining or visit our website at www.concordfleet.gq for additional information. We hope to see you soon and we are looking forward to you becoming New Edens Finest. We are currently in full recruitment mode to bring numbers up before we proceed with further activity.

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Alliance officially formed, we are now in full recruitment mode.


looks like only 6 people so far not bad for how recent it started nice!!

Thank you. We are mostly in recruitment mode.

not bad need any haulers?

I can find neither this corp or OP in-game, and the thread has been dead for roughly 2 months now.

Is it safe to say this didn’t take off as expected? I mean, clearly a lot of care was put into formatting this post, but its almost like it never was a thing. Makes me sad tbh. :confused:

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