Does anyone have room on there discord. Myself and a few traders need a traders room to do a lot of trading from building too buying and selling. If you have room on your discord msg me in game.


Sure. We will charge you 1 billion isk a month for the use of our discord. Send payment and i will send you the discord info.

I’m a station trader. Trade is all I do in EVE, and I am interested in finding/building a community to discuss trading.

SCC-Longe has been described as a game channel for relaxed chat about markets and the occasional politics of EVE.

SCC-Lounge also has a discord here: https://discord.gg/PjabWap (or search engine “scc-lounge discord”)

There are a couple other discords specific to market apps which I may share on request.

I’m looking for more so please keep me in the loop if you know of any relevant Discord channels!

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