Trade corporation - rule the market :)

I am very much into trading.
I make my wallet thicker and thicker.
I am looking for partners to join and create corporation that will be able to manipulate the prices on market in The Forge.

Anyone interested or do you know the corporation I can join?

BR / Andreas

Sorry but this is already being done by people with trillions at their disposal…you would have a better chance of making ice-cubes in a stove.

I have over 150B now and it grows fast. I plan to cross 1T this year
If there is a few more people willing to cooperate we can have a substantial impact on markets in Eve :slight_smile:

Sounds like you have an investment problem.

Making money in EVE is not hard…doing what you are suggesting is. You should be talking to the big Null corps/alliances if you are serious.

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I have the most of ISK in goods all the time.

You mean net worth? You need to expand your reach on the market otherwise it is safe to have ISK sinks. If you have too much ISK it does indeed sound like an investment problem.

If your looking for ideas, it will cost something worth more than any amount of ISK and which you may not be able to afford: Trust.

You want to manipulate the market, but to what end?

150 bil you say? Maybe you will be able to manipulate something but probable not Jita. It’s a tiny drop in a ocean.

People above said everything else.

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