Any alliance that dosent regulate trading?


I am a industrialist and a trader. I enjoy seeding the market etc. In many alliances i’ve been in, prices are regulated, for example “You are not allowed to sell items more than 20% over jita”.

I was wondering if there is any alliances in EVE with “free markets” where markups are not regulated.

we are not regulated since we operate from venal and i guess you sell for what you want.

if people want to buy thats another story :slight_smile:

we have a general guideline to not gouge fellow alliance members but selling on local markets is up to you how you manage your pricing.
i started EVE as a market trader, i cant even imagine my alliance trying to dictate pricing to me.
capitalism thrives in EVE in spite of the heavy handed CCP influence in the economy!

Cool. That is kind of my justification - i give people a offer, its voluntary to take it, not forcing anybody but i can really put a lot of stuff on the market.

Sounds cool. How do i see you guys corps/alliances?

Look them up in game, you can see the corps/alliances when you search the characters in game

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