There is no official EVE discord.

There are fan-made ones for groups and corps/alliances. But EVE does not have a discord run by CCP.

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name? verb? “please”? “thanks”?
Your mother should have taught you how to ask something rather than let you playing video games…

That mobile game is officially on discord, but this one, no.

The correct answer can be “yes”, “no”, and of course “it depends”.

Yes, some of us use discord, no, that’s a third party tool and not an official channel, so it depends on what OP wants to ask.
Briefly: EVE DISCORD!!

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the correct answer should have been …



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alright snowflake calm down

How about actually going into more detail explaining what you were wanting to know

Eve online is notorious for not really getting the information out there to it’s players , there is no Offical discord server , but there is an Unofficial server which you are all welcome to join.

I do not run the server or have anything to do with it other than use it like almost 3000 other eve online players

On the eve onlines in offical discord server you can trade , Recruit , learn and teach and there are many people just chatting away in the general chats.

To join use this link https://discord.gg/4CSsMB4RyR

They get info out, but it’s the players who don’t look for the info just so they can cry upon returning or whatever

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