Divine Angels is recruiting ACTIVE PVP - Mining - PVE and Indi Pilots for our Nullsec Home

Looking for a family-like EVE experience instead of a huge corp where nobody knows you?

We created Divine Angels to be just that!

For our many activities here we’re looking for active members who’d like to have a good time and advance our capabilities.

We offer:

  • A Welcoming , fun, drama free but personal atmosphere!
  • Real Life comes first attitude!
  • High quality Null Sec Home
  • Null Sec Mining (Moons, Ore and Ice)
  • PVE
  • PVP
  • Industry
  • Planetary Interaction
  • Low SP Player Friendly ( min 5mil sp )
  • A Great experienced Alliance ( LORDE )

We are looking for:

  • Active relaxed mature players
  • Players willing to Learn and help others when in need
  • Time Zones : Any

What is required :

  • A Working microphone and speakers, setup and use 3rd party programs such as
    Discord and Teamspeak3 or Mumble
  • A reasonable degree of activity ( logging in once a fortnight is not what we’re after )
  • Must be willing to train our Alliance pvp doctrines
  • Must be willing to participate in home defence and fleet roams
  • We do require an ESI check

Message us on here or join our Public channels in game Divine Angels Pub ,
Divine Angels Recruit for any inquires or questions you may have.

The people are great and fun to be around.


Great Opportunities for every one



We have Joined a Great Alliance and Coalition


Great group of people to fly with! Check them out!






Lots of content!

Come and join the fun

Excellent Alliance Supplied infrastructure

Alliance buy Back Programs