DMRMK Member of ANOC C5 with C3 static Corp is looking for Members!

hello everyone, we DMRMK a part from ANOC are recruiting new ppl for our hole!
A little about us:
┼ Experienced wormhole FC’s
┼ PvP focused!
┼ C5>C3 static, so easily found content of all sizes.
┼ Teamspeak/Discord for in game communications
┼ Help to all new members to get you established in here and as well as ongoing support
┼ dedicated tripwire server

You Need:
┼ Mic/headset for Teamspeak/Discord
┼ Scanning skills, preferably on an alt
┼ Ability to fly the doctrines we use (or be able to quickly train the skills required)
┼ Triglavian Ships
┼ Any T3 Cruiser V and the ability to fly smaller T2 ships
┼ T2 weapon systems

We don’t need:

¬ Wormhole experience, however any experience is an added bonus.
¬ i have 300m SP i know how it goes…no u probably dont.
¬ F1 Monkeys
¬ AFK Players (RL is over everything!)

How to apply:
Join our alliance channel -> “Anoikis Conspiracy” w/o the “”
join our Discord
or speak ingame with:

k0rnWallace USTZ
Anne Navarre EUTZ

fly save o/


we are still looking for u!

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