Do people actually invest in new startups?

How hard is it to get investment into an idea?
I have played on and off since 2007. I have almost always had my own corp which I used to manage POS’s and large volumes of contracts.
I am currently debating to launch a IPO based around what I have always done with dividends paid monthly, but I am wary of the interest in such offers. I have had several loans off the forms in the past, but never anything revolving.

Any suggestions or thoughts?

Really wish EVE would implement a stock marketing system into the game, but that’s wishful thinking.

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ive seen several IPO’s… the most recent one i can recollect is

Edit: the website no longer works, but here is a link to the backstory of someone who’s been successful with IPO’s in the game… not sure if he’s still around.

About as hard as it is to get an investment IRL from a bank.
If you own assets, a stable job and have a good credit score, you’re more than likely to be able to get a loan from the bank for a house
If you just moved into the country and you’re dirt poor with no job or credit, nobody’s gonna give you money.

If you default on a loan IRL, you either declare bankruptcy or are forced to sell your assets to pay off the loan. That’s collateral for the bank
If you default on a loan in EvE, usually you either lose the trust that you built up over a long period of time, or you lose whatever collateral you offered.

If your idea is good and you have a way to ensure you won’t default on the loan, it’s not terribly difficult to get one in EvE, collateralized loans happen all the time

Thank you for the reply, I am using 40b of my own isk atm, but wanting to expand. Don’t really need the isk to do so, but I love investing and business so was trying to impliment it into my game play.

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Good post Op and we need more like these.

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