Do U Kno Da Wae [Uganda]

Lend me your ears me bruddahs!
I am Caiti, proud and strong willed Ugandan warrior. Join us and spit on posers claiming to know da wae under the false queen. We have the tru queen, and with her by our side WE will show you da tru wae.

We are looking for more proud Ugandan warriors to operate throughout lowsec and nullsec!

  • Capital / Blackops pilots wanted!
  • Also looking for Hunters, Bombers and young Ugandan FC’s wish to spit in the enemies face!

We offer SRP on Subcap, Capitals and Blops fleets approved by our queen and commander!

Young bruddahs are welcome we will guide you and help show you da wae. Our Ugandan bruddahs are strong! Join us and fight for our queen and you will find de tru wae.

Join ‘DAWAE Recruitment’ channel to learn more.

Bruddahs to see for recruitment

  • Caiti
  • Shaft UrDaMnRiGhT
  • Patriotic Poljus

Those interested in combining forces to fight alongside of our proud Ugandan bruddahs should contact our commanders!

  • Tech_3 Cruiser
  • Patriotic Poljus
  • silver20


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