Do you want Lucid Visons? [O.O.F] is the place for you!

Do you have strange dreams? Join us, and upgrade them to Lucid Visions [O.O.F]!!

  • Join channel “O.O.F Recruitment” in-game to talk to a recruiter, or “O.O.F Public” for anything else.

O.O.F is a new corp formed from the ashes of All Consuming Darkness RIP.
Our main focus is PvP - wherever we can find it - however, our members are involved in just about every other area that EVE has to offer. Our base of operations is a C4 wormhole (Vanilla) with C5/C4 static connections.
If it moves, we’ll shoot it. If it doesn’t, we’ll probably shoot at it anyway, just to make sure!

What can O.O.F offer you:

> Regular PvP - Play EVE the best way - stalk your targets without local and participate in small-to-medium-sized fleet engagements where every player’s actions matter. Fly in an armor brawl against other corps, kill krabbing dreads or command fleets through frigate holes.

> Show your wallet some love - Our c5 static enables regular PvE operations that allow you to PvP dangerously without having second thoughts about your wallet. For industrialists there is ore, gas, and planetary interaction, as well as industrial operations.

>Hungry Scouts - All activity in wormhole space starts with scanning. This means everyone in the corp is involved in scanning to some extent. To encourage our resident scanners, O.O.F offers up to 100% finders fee on the loot of any kills they initiate. Our chains are also rapidly rolled and scanned, fast-tracking routes to both PvP and PvE content. We are very lucky to have seasoned scanners that really take hunting to the next level and are very adapt at finding things quickly. There is definitely no lack of things to shoot at and be shot by.

>Active Leadership - Our leadership team are extremely active and engaged! we currently boast a team of 5 capable FC’s that log in daily for multiple hours. We have the voices and command to put things into motion. Less talk more do.

>Community - The core of the corporation has been intact through multiple challenges and restructures over many years and has a true family feel, we know each other well.

>Environment - The team has an extremely diverse experience base from 10-year vets to wormhole virgins. Everyone is treated as an equal and supported through learning phases. Nothing is taken seriously and we do not live and die by the killboard - if you want to YOLO 3 Marauders, go nuts… just let us get on the kills!(edited)

> A Chilled Vibe

  • Inclusive community always happy to help out.
  • RL first attitude - all fleets and ops are completely optional
  • Experienced leadership and members
  • Teamspeak and discord servers for communications
  • Pathfinder mapping tool
  • EUtz only.
  • Low tax
  • Ambitious future plans

What are we looking for:

People who want to get involved - You’re not some nameless face, and the inevitable slow night is a lot better with good banter!

  • We use Teamspeak for voice comms
  • We use Discord for general chat and pings

Train into our fleet - We try to keep our doctrines as minimal as possible. However, we do still need all our members to be able to fly the doctrines for when we brawl.

Independence - Although our PvP content is very regular, it is often hard earned through scanning and scouting. Because of this, we are looking for pilots that are willing and able to scan, scout, create or find content for themselves and others.


Applicants MUST have at least one active omega account.

Applicants must be able to fly the following:

  1. CovOps Scanner
  2. Ikitursa/Drekavac/Deimos or Guardian
  3. drake navy issue or basi


  • Join channel “O.O.F Recruitment” in-game to talk to a recruiter, or “O.O.F Public” for anything else.
  • Send an in game mail to Azrael Hunts or Urban Oxide
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Come join the party!!

We need YOU…to help us kill all the things!

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