Do you want the keys of the RVB ? This is your chance!- ANNOUNCEMENT

The man who Ruin RVB giving keys to anyone who polishes his boots enough and promises to cover his lies.

Rest of the leadership left RVB months ago.

Reason: Unknown

what he offers:

something like that…

Says the man WHO used RvB s name and bring death to its tradition and legacy.

Currently, the Red Federation and the Blue republic are closed for recruitment. They don’t have any activity. Academy is dead too.

Heads up for anyone interested: IF your discord is not phone number and e-mail verified and you have just joined to the server, you will not be allowed to talk. Applications to Eye Witness News. Add your CV


I know it’s only your side of the story, but I’m curious nonetheless. Wut happen? Why and how did they wrest control from you?

And, yes, what I’ve observed since they took control leads me to believe that they were unqualified to lead and/or unwilling to put in the effort.

Also, with RvB falling apart, have you thought about starting a new alliance with the same mission? I know it will take effort to build back up, but you could probably make it so that no one can take control without your consent by keeping all the shares yourself (I’m not exactly clear on how that stuff works, but I’m sure there’s a way).
No P2W


Oh be quiet would you please?
She’s trying to make something happen despite all the crap that already happened, getting in the way is just obnoxious.


All I see is ranting after losing in a game.

OP is an announcement. My only post after that was to answer @Shipwreck_Jones s question.

I would love to say thanks for reading
. But you did not.
Just rushed yourself into topic and write something negative doesn’t matter whatever it is .
You need to do that …you were desperate for it … i do observe this behavioral pattern of yours on many other threads too. feeling better ?

Yes… i am giving heads up to all kind spirits who would like to take over RvB. Because they are chronic liars and deceptive. So i dont want what happened to me to happen others too…
After purge me… they did same thing to another veteran who invest lots of effort and time …

Ironically… that veteran also start with shitting on me and blaming me, sided with them untill he experience same things himself … one… by … one… he experienced that everything i had been teling was pure truth… and even he went full toxic on me in the begining just fter my purge. , he were mature enough to come later on apologise. They went ape ■■■■ kick and ban so many vets. .

People make decision by knowing these

So every spirit we save from that carcinoma settled inside the RvB , is a gain…

Even it costs me to look like a ranting idiot here !

No. You are.

Fale Einn said you are “trying to make something”. I just pointed that I don’t see it. Most of what see in your posting history is how you were throw out of RvB and how in your view it leads to RvB’s ruin.

You will not be able to do something different if you can’t set yourself free from that drama.

Why you are writing here ?

Of course you have right to wherever you want…I am asking to you … Why ? You doing this .?
You telling moove on but seems like you cannot moove on and control yourself

Your comments clearly reflects that you dont have any grab on subject …

Now ask to yourself …

1.Are you helpfull ?
2. Do you bring any positive contribute which contains any idea? On subject but not Ad hominem .
3 if you are disturbed… visibly your words and comments reflect that… Why dont you free yourself from this topic and moove on ?

Did you read my post ? I have made my case very clean and explained why i am doing this.
You did not understand what you read ? Let me repeat for you :

Listen your own voice … moove on…

Me not doing something different in EvE totally independent from RvB today … I am out … But i can still prevent more people to get hurt ….me not playing anymore Reasons partially in my letter to CCP thread… between the lines …

Also thank you so much for thinking about me :heart:

You will not be able to take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself. And all that thing with RvB look like an open wound to me.

I am fine . No worry. And this is actually interesting…

Think like that…
There was a community, an organisation… it raised on someones hard work,
To bring people together , to direct them to one goal, to provide respect and stability, bring a good for community . And At the end there was a considerable success and seats become preacious.

So think that was something I really enjoyed doing it … think like a hobby…

Then some malign people came, people who have zilch idea about what it takes to build, preserve and grow it …

Ok …I am out … I took out also people who are with me… They took over… and …since then…

I am watching them how slowwwly drowning in their own toxicity… loosing more and more people,.
Under my management, RvB raised up and up and up… since I left they were down and down and down…

Of course, They feed on my arrangements like EvE uni war … after I left… but they lost their citadel …
Also, they lost so many other arrangements i have made … which they don’t even have an idea because i have been waiting a right time to announce…

So … think like that… you are watching a bunch of toxic and rest clueless people who don’t know even who you were and what was really RvB about…. sinking the ship you set into water….

Real RvB “ LOYALISTS” as Vision mentioned… they couldn’t stand his fascist attitudes and the things he has done with his fellow friends… They left… and most of those people sit tight with me…

We still talking even I don’t play the game anymore… I have very good friends… and some of those people are still very strong and influential in the game too. And I don’t feel like I have been thrown out just because of I quit the game … 7 months passed… and yes I do still help people even i dont login … because so many cases i don’t even need to login to the game to make difference … i am still and will be so grateful for these peoples company and friendship and i feel honoured.

Now… probably you don’t know me… but I am not 30 yo playing moms attic kinda person. I do also grateful to God. Because i am living in one of the worlds most decent places, i have 3 beautiful very healty and intelligent kids growing in a safe environment moulded in nature forests and green, and i have no shortsge at all to provide everything needs for them …
I had outstanding career with lots of success and rewards…i love my job… and of course I have challenges in life too … but big stones are all in place. i have a beautiful garden that spent my time mostly taking care of it and at the moment i am sitting in my garden and watching my flowers and first remarks of incoming winter on leafs while writing and thinking …
Again I am gratefull to God that for everything …
I havent seen so many people do bad against me …
But that a few… they all find their karma… and God let me watch it … Some of them i havent seen what happened… because i think he knows my heart cannot handle and and my heart will just crushed no matter what they did to me… i learned later on

But cases like that … i have no mercy for these people … because they not only harm me but also harmed many others too.

I am just watching

How did they leave the sinking boat 3 month ago… then now Vision looking for so called “ RvB loyalists… how did he crushed under his failure.

Do you really think there are any true loyalists left there still after all those ■■■■?

I think you are misunderstanding …

You need to read whats goin on here better than this … and again me staying away from game has nothing to do with RvB … if you truly care and if you would like to learn… i dont mind to share with you… just … NOT here.

Dont wory about me… i have work decades in life and death situations… this is may be seem to you too much? Nope …

At this point, it would be laughable for someone to not see Vision Thing Achasse’s pathological behaviour.

Oh, something funny happened. I replied to Vision’s own message containing the statement link, in the RvB Discord instance (I don’t know why the hell they call them ‘servers’, but I digress). I replied with a ‘lol’ and was afterwards kicked — or banned, I’m not sure.


It makes no difference, regardless. I’m not even playing the game any longer.

Damn did they kick you too ? God !

Thats also hillarious … but also explains why he doesnt see anything wrong with paralising RvB discord channel and banning kicking people and BUTCHERING peoples relationships…
Guy officially leaving the ship he has sinked.
And he doesnt even bother himself to talk to his “ community “ what kind of ■■■■■■ up thing it is beyond me .

They kick and ban so many people …at the end they have noone left in the space to fight with

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