Does PvP excite you? Want to fly with some of the best in game? Guaranteed fun and kills to be had!

Everything for Efficiency is recruiting. Are you a keen PvP er? Do you want to enjoy flying with some of the best pilots in the game? Do you want to boost your killboard? Do you want to learn alongside some of the best? Perhaps you like to chill after a big night of fleets and replenish your wallet with great PVE opportunities close to home in a quiet end of space? After a big day fleeting maybe you like to make bank by mining our R64 or R32 moons with GUARANTEED profit? Join us and fly alongside the well-known and unforgettable Volta coalition.

Message Aeon Tobot here or in-game with any questions. Or just send in your application and we’ll be happy to show you the ropes.

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