Done with 0.0 Politics? Done with Mining? Done with F1 Pushing? Done with alarm Clocking? Look here:

Corp: The Bombards, Alliance Send Dudes

We are a small tight group of relaxed players,
New and old players combined.
We are building a wardeccing alliance with morals,
We make our isk on the side and help older and newer players to get the same levels.
(weakest link kinda thing)

What we offer:

  • Wardeccing, killing and blowing up
  • Isk making
  • Fair Payout of warloot and Ransoms!
  • Organization
  • Honorable fights (no 15 vs 1 frigate kinda stuff)
  • NPSI fleets allowed
  • one on one or group learning sessions
  • Exp players, and healthy brainstorming
  • Laughable environment

What we expect?:

  • Follow our Guidelines (this to protect the alliance from BS and such)
  • Be active on coms
  • Happy attitude and respect your foes and friends
  • Willing to teach and learn
  • Be a overall good guy XD

Open for both Members and Corperations:

Want to know more about us:
Phantom Silver

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