Don't be part of the blue donut, join Winmatar. an independent alliance operating in venal


We are currently looking for pilots and corporations alike that want to step away from the blue-donut and traditional sov warfare.

Our gameplay is all about having fun and keep things as simple as possible.

With us you and your members wont have to deal with things like:

Long blue list
Cta´s/Strat ops
Structure bashing
Anchor + F1
and a lot more

As an alliance we do have a good logistics/indy wing setup that offers your alts great way to make the isk needed in Highsec/Lowsec/Wormhole and null npc thanks to our commonwealth.

Eve for us is a game and we want to keep it that way, A GAME:)

Contact us on discord


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still looking for new corps to be part of our humble alliance


we are still looking for pvp corps that want to keep their gameplay simple and relaxed

we are still looking for corps that likes small and midsize pvp right outside the station :slight_smile:

still open for 2 more corps to be part of our alliance

talk to us and see what we have to offer

still looking for pvp corps interested in small/midsize pvp out off npc null

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