Dont call it a comeback - UK Timezone - LF Lowsec deaths and lols

So as LL Cool J once said,
"Don’t call it a comeback
I’ve been here for years

Except in my case i haven’t been here for almost years… been out of game just about 500 days…
Im definitely bitter, id consider myself a vet,
but, im currently situated in placid with about 150mill sp enough ships to last me while everything from dreads/carriers/blops (love blops) hacs … so on…

so im a naughty boy with negative 7 sec status im looking for something i can lose MY ships too…

Im a pirate at heart null sec is way to carebear people move down and find thata killing rats is more important than fighting… sorry thats not for me… yes i like isk its why we have alts…

Currently my toon is sat in relentless terrorism and has been for over 2 years and its a ghost town (4 toons online in last month) im looking for a like minded corp who let me fly what i want… (yes i get fleet doctrines and have no problem flying them)
But if i want to undock my faction fitted smart bombing Mach then i will… if i lose it to frigates then its my tuff ■■■■ not yours…

But, im always available (when online) to swap ship and jump in a fleet and head out for giggles. I dont enjoy +100 man fleets im not an ant im a man… fleets in the 10 - 30 is about right for what i want. and enjoy, if you look at my character sheet below you can see that i can fly most things, some things very well, some not soo.

So here i am sat in a highsec station having repaired by sec status with approx 90 ships waiting to be destroyed and 4 caps that might as well be refined…

So if you think you can handle a ■■■■ pvp pilot who likes killing ■■■■ then drop a message on here
Bonus points if i dont have to move to far… my killboard for giggles…

edit… coz im a dick and forgot to mention im uk timezone and will only really consider primarily eu/uk timezone or VERY heavy corps in that tz (mainly because my humour is often lost on non brititsh guys / gals)

hey there if your interested in losing ships in black rise give us a shout in game. fly whatever you want here to. probably smaller fleets than your used to or looking at, unless we hook up with friends. here is our ad check us out if you wanna lose ships here.

no more a red flashy boy, just blew 500m on tags n stuff so now highsec able… rest still stands… :smiley: just nullsec offers via mail and sorry boys null sec doesn’t have interest for at moment
But , back to fully subbed, just moving (slowly and painfully) ships from my old lowsec home to highsec… drop me mail or on here… char sheet for skill checks :smiley:

If your interested in wormhole life, Wrong Hole She Said, is a small ,active ,eu tz , pvp corp. We’re looking for self sufficient pilots who are looking for that daily pvp hookup. We dont particularly care what you fly as long as your not a walking meme. Our main activities are burn ops, and small gang fights and roams. Feel free to check out our killboards and stop by our pub if your interested.

Terrible recruiter, even worse spia

Yo Ria,

Mea Culpa. might be a nice match for you. You can fly whatever the hell you want with us incl. blops. Main focus is definitely small gang stuff and even “big” fleets with alliance should be in your preferred range. We’re all EUTZ with quite some UK dudes as well. Not sure if that’s a plus (for you and in general), but pmcunit actually tried to recruit us into his alliance when we were still fresh. Anyways, check out our ad and hop on discord if you’re up for a chat!

sill looking with a view to chat to some guys on about wednesday so i can look forward to weekend of killingshit :D. (or dying which is most likely)


We are looking for some pilots who are interested in PVP, look me up in game Samos Ostos. Or chat channel TZED Recruitment. Many of us have taken a break at some point, so we know what its like to come back after taking a break.

Hope to hear from you!

edited the add again :D… nb not looking for nullsec or wormholes thanks guys… but i have a sec status for 1 reason… thats too lose it…

a pirates for life not just valentines day… let me wine and dine on your the blood of our enemies :smiley:

whats a pirates favourite letter in alphabet…

i bet you think its Rrrrrr.

No it is and always will be C thats his first love…

Hey dude check us out if you like what you see join our public or mail myself and lets talk o7

still hunting chat to some peeps tonight but on look out :smiley:

still looking but key is uk/eu timezone dont want to be a ghost town between 1800-2300 eve time…

not looking for WH or Nullsec… sry boys n girls dont interest me only lowsec :smiley:

well we made it too hump day… only 2 more work days left … bump

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