Don't Just Join A Corp, Enlist in the Crusade! (EU/US, Deployments, Newbro-friendly)


The Eternal Crusade is a PvP corporation specializing in asymmetric warfare, which is open to capsuleers of all skill levels. We offer handout ships and skillbooks, training & mentoring all the way through to advanced PvP techniques, and most of all, a real sense that every Crusader is involved in determining the direction of the Corporation.

Our HQ is in The Great Wildlands, where we operate by the Rules of Civilization. That is to say, we do not shoot neutral pilots in The Great Wildlands unless they act in a hostile manner. This isn’t your grandfather’s NRDS though, a neutral Sabre or potential cyno will be downed on sight, and a neutral following fleets or keeping tabs on a mining op will be quickly operating in a pod. The Great Wildlands is where we make ISK, engage in strategic fleets, and generally intensify our training.

When The Great Wildlands are peaceful, it is time for a Crusade. Our crusades involve choosing an enemy of civilization, deploying into their space, and engaging in asymmetric warfare against the more numerous hostiles. We camp their gates, roam their constellations, steal their Encounter Surveillance Systems, and bomb their fleets. Whilst on a Crusade, we operate by the Laws of Conquest. Anything which is not blue is considered hostile in these Godless wastelands.


We believe that everyone in New Eden has something to learn, and something to teach.
We believe that ISK is a means to an end, and explosions are that end.
We believe that ship kills are blessings and ship losses are lessons.
We believe that mistakes happen, and are a necessary part of improvement.
We believe that camaraderie in an order of close friends is better than being a number in a blob.
We believe that every Crusader has the potential to be a great PvPer.
We believe that the Crusade’s main purpose is to unlock that potential.
We believe that Civilization in nullsec is possible.


Our ultimate purpose is to re-establish a Civilized area of sovereign nullsec with our coalition, and for The Endless Crusade to be a powerful deployment-based PvP vanguard against its enemies. We are not here to sit and endlessly rat and mine in the absolute safety of 10,000 blues.

Although we understand the importance of making ISK, The Endless Crusade is a PvP corporation and we expect Crusaders to spend most of their active time in PvP.


To enlist in the Crusade, you need a working microphone, an interest in PvP, an Omega clone, a willingness to train our doctrines, and to have enough time to PvP with us.

We do not have a minimum SP requirement.
We do not have a minimum kills requirement.
We do not have any timezone requirements (though we are most active in EU and US timezones).


In-Game Channel: Enlist in the Crusade.
Discord: Join

We helped some friends take out the trash today. Not the most engaging task in the world but needed doing.

I wrote an article explaining what happened in Scalding Pass. Last night we had a fitting class and I set some homework with prizes.

Last night was pretty quiet but we killed some guys who tackled and killed a (non-RA) Orca.