Don't Just Join A Corp, Enlist in the Crusade! (EU/US TZ, Amarr FW)

About Us

The Eternal Crusade. is a small-gang PvP corp situated in The Bleak Lands. We’re involved in Amarr faction warfare, which gives us access to solo & small gang lowsec content on tap, and our alliance is a member of the Red Alert Coalition, which provides access to nullsec & j-space content.

There are plenty of PvP corps out there, but what sets us apart is our philosophy: we recruit people, not characters. Skills and mechanical knowledge can be taught, doctrines can be trained, but attitudes are hard to change. Towards this end, we are not a killboard-vain corp, we’d much rather it be red than inactive – you learn a lot more from losses than from risk-averse play. We’re big on innovation, and on making the most of what we have, whether that’s achieving great outcomes in cheap fleet compositions or working out alt plans which work on a single account.

Our Offering

  • Access to multiple PvP fleets a day over EU & US timezones;
  • The ambition to achieve bigger objectives both within the warzone and with our coalition;
  • Opportunities & support to be more than a line member;
  • Alliance logistics to our staging makes shipping simple;
  • Opportunities to learn (or teach) core PvP skills;
  • Doctrines designed to get you into core roles as quickly as possible, you won’t have to fly a Griffin for 6 months;
  • Membership in Amarr faction warfare with access to FW plexes and missions;
  • C3-NS wormhole for PI, krabbing, and content rolling.

Our Expectations

  • Have a working mic;
  • Have at least one Omega subscription;
  • Attain and maintain Amarr Empire standings above 0.0;
  • Have the ability to fly at least one T1 cruiser to IV with T2 weapons;
  • Be self-sufficient on alts (we can help you to set this up, but you will have to be willing to buy two skill injectors or get an MCTC or second account – FW heavily restricts highsec access);
  • Train into our doctrines and actively engage with our fleets and on Discord.

Further Reading

zKillboard: Link
In-Game Channel: Enlist in the Crusade
Discord: Join

We helped some friends take out the trash today. Not the most engaging task in the world but needed doing.

I wrote an article explaining what happened in Scalding Pass. Last night we had a fitting class and I set some homework with prizes.

Last night was pretty quiet but we killed some guys who tackled and killed a (non-RA) Orca.
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Still recruiting! Come and join the crusade!

Come join us, need more pew pewers!

Take up arms against the enemies of civilization! Join us today!

We elite pvp’d a Fortizar yesterday, what did you do?

We yeeted into Delve last night with cloaky ships and a mobile bubble and set up like an ISBAD cloaky camp on a pipe. Got about 3 kills before TAPI jumped a 30 man gang in with more still appearing on D-Scan in the system next door.

Bump, still looking for more Crusaders!

Props to these guys for taking the fight, if you were there as a 2nd Sabre we would probably have killed 5 or 6!

Join the Crusade!

This was an interesting sight when we landed on a wormhole. Think they were after our hauler. Come join the Crusade!

Still recruiting!

Looking for more crusaders to join us!

New deployment coming right up, and with it, some changes:

  • We’re phasing out old strategic and high SP doctrines in favor of cheaper, lower SP doctrines based on doing what we love – fighting asymmetrically;
  • We’re joining the Amarr Militia for access to more small-scale content;

But some things never change, the Crusade still needs more Crusaders!

Crusaders, join us before we embark on our FW adventures.

Ad updated, come and join us!

Had a couple of fights today!

AAR: We took some Gilas to go bash a structure, beat the local defense, then they batphoned Dock Workers and we lost some stuff. Went back in Retris to poke the group we were originally fighting, they brought a carrier in and Dock decided to shoot that.

AAR: Electus Matari put up an Astra to contest Floseswin, an Amarr-controlled system in Minmatar space. Expecting their friends in Ushra’Khan to show up to help them, Amarr militia formed up and found only EM waiting for us. Undeterred by their initial losses, EM came back for a second bout, but ended up warping their Guardians in right on top of us.

No TiDi, no blueballs, just straight up brawls.

Another successful structure defense, another brawl. More Crusaders needed to bring the fight!