Double Training Weekend Feedback Thread!


(Old Pervert) #326

And without the industrialists to build the ships used by their attackers, they’d still be there too. What’s your point?

Isk provides no combat advantage. I could sink trillions of isk into an officer fit AT ship, the literal best of everything. And a player with more skill could probably take me out in a T1 hull.

Being able to buy the loyalty of other players through isk is not a combat advantage. CCP isn’t selling player loyalty.

(zen-vexor01 LSG) #327

Math said this is not true :rofl:

(Old Pervert) #328

I’m not even sure what this means.

(Dom Arkaral) #329

Just ignore that PA bot lol

(MB ThePhotographer) #330

Does anyone know how long we can “bank” these skill points?

(Ashterothi) #331

The redemption says it will last just over 100 days. Once it is applied into your unallocated pool, it will last forever. I know people who have had unallocated sp for almost a decade by now.

(Foggy Bernstein) #332

If you had that little skill, no one would have tapped you for an AT team slot.

So, moot point.

Find a better example.

(DrysonBennington) #333

Good way to snag new members CCP. Everyone likes Free Skill Point Training weekend.

(Aedaxus) #334

If not redeemed they expire in March 2019.
If redeemed forever. Even if not applied.

(Aedaxus) #335

Maybe, but I don’t think new players will come to a game to get “double training”.

I think it’s a good way to push alpha accounts (5 million limit) 0.5%~1% closer to their limit. I have no idea how many are close but it if’s a lot of players around 99% then the week before black friday is the best to push them closer so they get the popups and might subscribe… sometimes the trick is in getting instant cash… but you need to have the largest amount of customers sometimes before they spend their money on new appliances they buy on black friday.

Remember the thing is not “get more people in the game”, we get 200 new people in the game on average PER DAY, the trick is retention and getting people to invest in the game to keep them longer and make them invest even more.

With a real economy ingame you’d think at least most people would understand why CCP does things…

(Aroye) #336

Sure we like free stuff! The forums attract cry babies more than any other part of the game, it’s normal. Anyone who complains about a tiny bit of xp (only 100k ) should really play another game like candy crush. Or remember to take their pills. No offence please :slight_smile:

(Gabriela Awop) #337

how much of plex now cost one month of omega ?

(Winston Onzo) #338

20 mil limit not 5. If they are at 5 mil, this will put them past it.

(Ezra Endashi) #339

500 PLEX


The human race are literally ferengi.

(Vol Arm'OOO) #341

Except he’s right. Concurrent player counts have gone down since they started making eve softer and more friendly to casuals. Sure it’s leveled off, but this abyssal thing didn’t even cause a blip in the number of folk logging in. Used to be when eve did an expansion, there would be a huge spike of players coming back to see what was new. “Now it’s just like ccp did what? Meh…”

(Aroye) #342

If you don’t think it’s a good game then why are you on the forums? Trying to protect your life style? :slight_smile:

(Old Pervert) #343

And if you had enough isk you could buy that at ship. Which is exactly my point. Try again.

(Jemalous) #344

I have glad to have this. I now have 350,000 sp ready if I need to train something up really fast to enjoy some new skill. Right now with over 172mill sp I have no problem waiting on the long level 5 skills to finish. Sometimes this sp helps me get it bit faster like say oh I can use my sp and have it finish this weekend.

Thank you CCP!!!

(PI farmer1) #345

This harms SP farmers and since i already sold off all my SP farms this is great :smiley: