Double Training Weekend Feedback Thread!


(Marcus Kormienko) #346

I’d really would love to see if I get a chance to not have a fax no warfare when somebody is not completely being honest of what faction they are. I would lost like to see if it’s possible for these double x to be effective and also the times that I am never to lose my Omega time. It’s very hard for me when I am a person who is trying to do the best I can in capsuling throughout this eve universe. And there’s times when I am having a hard time and you seeing my character and everything else aboard.

(Winston Onzo) #347


(Marcus A Kormienko) #348

Recently I have played some Plex and I have not received any blacks in my command post. Neither did my son’s. So I am here to play together with everyone and hoping that they will be together and getting this anomaly replaced with reality

(techzer0) #349

How do you play Plex and why would you expect blacks in your command post?

(Marcus A Kormienko) #350

Well unfortunately it’s better that way or you have a bunch of romulans and borg

(Marcus Kormienko) #351

I really like EVE, I just wish the log in issues and the people would not insinuate, I am smoking or doing harm to my body when I in reality have to take medicine for injuries 20 years ago, and I can not drink, or do any thing that would kill me when I am on doctor orders. not this people in Tranquility talking like they do.

(Othello Nightstar) #352

No not all serious eve players hate free stuff but most serious eve players test there thoughts ideas and plans on singularity and I think most people should take this trick and add it to there regular survival tricks and guides from right at the start of there eve experiences it’s far easier to lose your ships in singularity than on main server and far cheaper to learn the hard lessons there just a importand message for those who can promote the idea it would definatly assist in the retention rates of new players in my opinion if they new it was a place there first few failures would be learned from without fear of seeming stupid and would certainly train them not to put all there eggs in one basket and loose it all to a gank just outside there first station

(Othello Nightstar) #353

Keep up the good work ccp use singularity to test everything before you do anything players have fun eve is the best game on the earth see you on tranquility