Downloader for QUrl(...) failed: Error transferring

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I just reinstalled Eve for Linux via, after getting the launcher to run. However, when running the launcher soon an error appears and the log contains entries very much like the ones in this post:

2017-09-16T19:03:41.931Z        default warning Downloader for   QUrl( failed: Error transferring - server replied: Forbidden
2017-09-16T19:03:41.932Z        default warning Couldn't get bundle info for wine_linux_wine-1.9.10-ccp-daily-16.txt  -  Error transferring - server replied: Forbidden
2017-09-16T19:04:22.304Z        default error   Couldn't open index file "/root/.eve//ResFiles/56/5610a6eb8b5a4975_31a78fe02a8617bee87248eb9e09939c"
2017-09-16T19:04:22.312Z        default warning Update failed for Tranquility with error: 5

I can’t get the solution provided in the archived post to work, so I am posting here. Any clues on a solution?

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Mostly the advice your going to get on this is ‘delete your cache’ which is mostly correct. However I just had something similar due to that fact no .eve/wineenv/dosdevices/z: link existed pointing to / , which I guess it needs. If you don’t have it make it and try again if you do try deleting all the cache directories as described elsewhere… i.e. ~/.eve etc

Your passed the ssl problem anyways thats a start :slight_smile:

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