Dracarys Alliance is Recruiting All TZ Corporations & Player's

Alliance zkill Link: Dracarys. | Alliance | zKillboard

Greetings !

Who We Are:

We are Null-Sec Alliance Part of The Imperium Coalition. We are Life in Querious Region

We Recruiting all Timezone Corporation’s :grinning:

We Are Most Accomplished & Mature Alliance That Values Fun and Community and Real Life Always Comes First!

What we are looking for:

:ballot_box_with_check: PVP/Industry/Mining corporations.
:ballot_box_with_check: Willing to train into Alliance Doctrines
:ballot_box_with_check: Be fully authed with our services
:ballot_box_with_check: Participate when you can and support

As an alliance We offers access to :

:heart: Alliance / Coalition Large Fleet Battles (When we’re at war)
:heart: Coalition & Alliance Ship Replacement / Capitals SRP
:heart: Daily Alliance Home Defense and Roaming fun and social PvP fleets
:heart: Coalition Faction Warfare Group
:heart: Great Space For PVE With Good Index
:heart: Access to Rigged Structures for Reactions, Industry , Research, Invention and Capital Industry
:heart: Moons rental program From R4 To R64
:heart: Public Moons with Low Tax
:heart: Teamspeak & Discord For Communication
:heart: Null-Sec region market
:heart: Logistics service

Looking to Join Dracarys ?

Feel free to Contact Directly our Recruiter Officer In Game or In Discord or In our Public Channel Dracarys.Recuit.Diplo in Game :

USTZ: Jiashen yang - Discord: Shen#7934 - QQ: 285880043
EUTZ: Newboys - Discord: newboys0210
CNTZ: Gone With Windy - Discord: Gone With Windy#6860

Come Be Part of our Family

Good evening
My name is Adams Kev I’ve been playing Eve for 9 years and I have a you know questions don’t hesitate it’s safe all the same I have a discord know Adams Kev #4152 and my activity know PVE and pvp and I build T1 ships and I’m alpha and if you don’t understand me at all I have a handicap problem and I make a lot of spelling mistakes and I’m not an omega yet know you anyway if you speak English or French

We Still Recruiting!

We Still Recruiting!

We Still Recruiting!

Hi could I have an appointment with you please an appointment on the discord please @newboys

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We Still Recruiting!

We Still Recruiting!

We Still Recruiting!

We Still Recruiting!