Draegan Enterprise accepts new members!

I am here to announce that our formerly family business has finally expanded into a flourishing enterprise! After long years of subtlety, our enterprise has decided to expand and therefore hire new members.

Our enterprise focuses on four main branches of the EVE universe:

  • Combat (The Draegan Legion)
  • Exploration (Serpentis Intelligence Agency)
  • Industry (Draegan Inc.)
  • Trading (Empress Shipping Company)

Any new member can choose one or more branches and afterwards he will be assigned to an appropriate Executive Officer of that specific branch/branches.

If we got your interest with this post, feel free to message either Esora Draegan or Viteus Draegan in-game or join our Discord at: https://discord.gg/ZnVqqcX
We will be waiting for you!

Viteus Draegan, Chief Intelligence Officer of Draegan Enterprise

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