Drifter Battleship on edge of Abyssal sites causes drones to die


I just faced the same issue than the one reported here :

I almost lost my ishtar + pod due to timer since I lost many drones due to this bug.

Basically : The drifter BS is on the limit of the map (red wall) and the drones moving around him die as soon they go behind this limit.

So, two questions :

  • Is this intended ??
  • How to avoid this ? I’m now really afraid to run abyssal again just because of this. Does anyone know a solution ?


Edit : note that in my first pocket, this drifter was even behind the limit. This can’t be a normal behaviour right ?

Sentry drones maybe

Thank you, I now have 5 sentries just in case.

I’m not gonna lie, I have a certain dps loss with sentries (and less back up drones).
That’s annoying for a weird situation/bug.

Anything outside the barrier takes damage including NPCs, I believe it is intended.
I have chased NPCs out there and was able to kill them a tad faster while continuously repping.

Fly around him, and get yourself just outside the border. He’ll try to kite away from you, and move back into the arena. Alternatively, prevent him from getting that far by establishing a tight orbit around him early, before he can move far from the conduit.

Set drones to attack then return then attack etc so they keep volleying from the safe side. This shouldn’t be something you have to think about imo but there’s my workaround. Hope it helps.

Its a freagin bug that they just won’t fix. There are a few more. Happens to me all the time. 3 times today alone, 2x drifter BS on different sites, and 1x that Dominix looking drone BS, it was behind the gate as I was burning at it and I guess maybe it bounced off and headed in opposite direction at really fast speed with MWD on ? Reminded me of mission Machariels, then it went outside the boundaries and sat maybe 20 km out behind instance wall shooting.

So what I do now when I see them moving off is to immediately burn for that BS while fighting anything else along the way. Once I get the low crap (drones frigs cruisers) thinned out enough so I can face tank it, put my highest DPS drones on the BS. I kinda circle back and forth by the boundary, watch the drones, when their shields get to about 1/3 I recall them and swap them out. Rinse and repeat until the battleship is dead.

Forget sentries, you’ll lose so much DPS and tracking you’ll die to everything else, unless you’re in an Ishtar and have enough space to have spare flights of drones.

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