Drifter WH farm/Фарм дрифтерских ВХ

Guys, does anyone know any communities or corporations that farm drifter WH ?
Ребят, знает кто-нибудь какие-либо сообщества или корпорации, которые фармят дрифтерские WH ?

what do you mean? can you rephrase it?
you mean trying to kill the npc drifters that spawn on drifter whs?

There are 5 wormholes completely populated by drifters - All 5 are shattered with an effect and have many exits to high-sec (which are marked with beacons from the high-sec - you don’t even need scan this) - barbican, conflux, redoubt, sentinel and vidette.
These wormholes have their own special combat anomalies for each of them. And so I am interested in communities or corporations that farm this systems.

I perfectly know what are drifter wormholes mate :wink:
I had just not understood what you meant by “farming them”. Now i understand what you mean.
Of note what you wrote is inexact, as they have exits not only to hi sec, but also to low/null sec and even to other regular whs (even if it is less frequent)

It’s all very wonderful and even known to me. But it does not answer the main question - corporations or communities that gain profit from these wormholes (if you don’t like the word farm) ?

Afaik they only drop lore items, drifter hive elements.
Search the market, ask ppl who sell those if they still run fleets.

Better than nothing. Thanks for the advice.

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