Wormhole Incursions For Drifter Ships

Uriel had a great idea of adding drifter ships to the game. Thats found here:

[Ship Design] Precursor Drifter Shipline and Modules

He did not mention how to get them tho. I though of maybe a drifter incursion of sorts.

So in wormhole space there would be a drifter incursion into systems that have a player structure in it. When a incursion happens the system practically become uninhabitable.

These things will happen:

Sleepers will get a 100% bonus to Hp and Damage, so you cant ratt.

Drifter fleets will roam the wormhole so its hard for you to travel, do PI, etc.

Drifters will camp all wormholes in system ON BOTH SIDES.

Drifters fleets will attack vulnerable structures.

How do you end the incursion?

The drifters will come through a portal that is like a small drifter hive. The hive has massive defenses, so you need to do smaller sites to get to the hive and start the incursion. The smaller sites will have towers that “boost” the hive. The sites will need to be destroyed to get to the hive. There are also farming sites to make more isk. Once you go into the hive and kill the fleet you can kill the structure or structures that stabilize the vortex, and the vortex will collapse and explode. The explosion will be like a mini eve gate explosion, so big. You must kill the tackle and fleet first before you blow the vortex, or you wont be able warp out before it dies. Thats why you must time your exit. The explosion will be visible throughout the whole system, and will kill anything within 1000km. This will end the incursion, the drifters will be gone by downtime.

The types of sites:





All ships will drop loot and salvage. The salvage will be worth a decent amount, and they will have a very small chance of dropping drifter mods. All ships drop blue loot, but it is not worth much (execpt for drifter “main battleships”. These will drop the normal amount that they drop now). Structures also drop a bit of blue loot and salvage.

From each site you will get concord a small amount of Concord LP that would be payed out once you turn in your code (I will touch on this later). There is no isk payout.

The hive is where the main rewards come from. Its the hardest but it drops blueprints for the drifter ships and mods. After the explosion (P.S. the explosion kills ships and drones, not MTU, mobile depots, or cargo/wrecks)
There will be a super valuable gas that can be mined, along with a ore that can be mined. Both are needed to construct drifter stuff.

C5 and C6 space will drop cruiser, battleship, and frigate blueprints, along with more gas and ore and higher drops.

C3 and C4 drop cruiser and frigate blueprints, along with some gas and ore. The drops are mediocre.

C1 and C2 will drop frigate blueprints. It will have very little gas and ore. The drops are bad.

Tell me what you think!!!


cool and all in the way of a large wh entity but i’m sure there are many small wormhole groups that won’t be able to fend off such an onslaught, especially if it’s their turn on the wardec block. not to mention all these sleepers are 2x more powerful. factor in mass limits of wormholes and it even looks like a large enity could have issues.

i’d say have them hellcamp holes after an assault force makes first blood on the main site, maybe have those camps drop at DT if you fail the site and have the normal sites be twice as hard because of the drifter presence, but like i said, wormhole space would be reserved for the elite if these incursions drive our smaller parties.

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I forgot to mention that the incursions are not as hard the lower the class space you are in. I like your camping idea. Maybe only start camping 1 day in?

i mosty say that so if you fail the first time you can bring in the fresh hardware to try again.

plus if your the kind of wh group to have the wang to whack 'em with you can do so without getting blobbed almost immediately, since, y’know, it’s hard when drifters camp the holes.

I would like the mechanic built so you have to have the hardware on you. If not you would have to fight yourself back in, or go in stealthy.

I’ve never heard anyone that actually lives in WH space say they wanted more PvE.

To me this is a PITA.

-1 NO.

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Seems facinating but I don’t do WH for anything but travel

Yeah, folks might just log off for those days if they don’t have the numbers to face essentially what is a Drifters war dec. Yes, wormholes should be dangerous places to live yet that incursion feels like a negative penalty RNG chore to an extent.

It might be more engaging for wormhole occupants if the ‘Drifters’ or some NPC faction acted like an overpowered defense fleet for a day before moving on to defend another wormhole group.

Example Proposal:
Defense fleet ‘incursion’ day would rapidly increase cosmic anom and wormhole spawn rate in a single system. More fields to farm, yet more potential for visitors.

NPC defense forces will protect anyone belonging to the corp with a freeported citadel on the day the arrive in that system. NPC defense force will warp around with you, however not exit wormholes. NPC fleet would provide additional logi and combat support to this corporation with freeport structure.

Wormhole evictions could get dicey if by the grace of Bob the NPC defense fleet just so happens to show up on the day of a final structure timer.

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