More Incursions

Work In progress. Some ideas may feel (and be) too raw or unfinished

  • PVE focused Incursion-type events
  • mostly Hisec, partually lowsec
  • occurring in semi-regular intervals
  • 2-5 incursions of different types running in hisec at same time
  • 1-2 Sansha/ 0-1 Drifter / 1-2 Pirate

2021-03-20 Updated drifter part with ideas from drifter wormholes
2021-05-04 Updated pirate part


Triglavian invasion was completed. Sansha reduced it’s activity during invasion and not yet recovered. Different factions look forward to fill the void

Drifters looking for something… maybe knowledge… or revenge

Sansha searching for new true slaves

And old pals of empires. Pirates. Guristas, Blood raiders, Angels and Serpentis all with there own goals

Incursions are a unique type of PvE in eve that needs groups of different players to cooperate for profit AND can be done in relatively safe enviroment. This is perfect place for newbie to be hooked in eve.
Also this is quite fun type of PvE.



S-111: site desined for 111 players. Number may wary


I will use Sansha incursion payouts (ISC and LP) and site structure (5/10/20/40) as baseline
From simple to complex:

Increase number of incursions in Hisec from 0-1 to 1-2


Main theme: sacrifice
A bit harder that Sansha. Same ISC/LP. Some extra loot.

Drifrer Incursion

Drifter incursion are centered around one Triglavian or Edencom system. Depending on this we’ll have 2 types of incursion with slightly different sites
Incursion spread out same way as metaliminal storms do. If there is another Triglavian/Edencom sistem nearby influence will not spread to it or systems behind it.
Base system have S-40 and motherhole
1 Jump: S-40 and S-20
2-3 Jumps: S-20 and S-10
4 Jumps: S-10 and S-5

S-5: Only sleepers. No drifters yet. Site completion drops key for S-10
S-10: First appearance of Drifters. 20k-40k superweapons. Site completion drops key for S-20
S-20: First splitted sites. 30k- 60k superweapons. Site completion drops key for S-40
S-40: Sacrifice sites (1 ship per site). First patrols. 40k-80k superweapons.
Motherhole: GTFO site. Sacrifice site (4 ships). Splitted Site (4 ways). 50k-100k superweapons.

Keys: keys can be used to run sites faster. Usually by removing some reinforcements.
Sacrifice: Some sites will need to sacrifice one or several ships because of superweapon/deathbomb/collapsed dedspace/etc. Players can choose which ship to sacrifice.
Splitted sites: Some sites will require splitting fleet in 2(4) parts and fighting in 2(4) deadspace pockets simultaneously
Patrols: Some sites have Drifter pack that moves between deadspace pockets of that site.
GTFO: After site completion all players in grid will be moved to random wormhole. Good Luck!

Same payout as for Sansha
Extra ICS from Blue loot (like from wormhole sites)
Extra rewards based on type of incursion (EDENCOM - LP. Triglavians - Red loot)
Extra rewards for sacrificed ones (CONCORD is watching you. Forever)

Probably should turn off standing changes to not interfere with Pochven

  • Edencom. 70% probability
    Half of sites have “allied” forces.
    Have slightly less number of drifter ships attacking.
  • Triglavian. 30% probability
    Drifter interference case triglavian system effects spread to nearby systems (so better remreps)
    Incursion remains for about half of Edencom time
    Have some extra Red loot and triglavian salvage

Subtypes should be possible to farm by same formats with some changes in fitting


Desined for Smaller and less polished fleets of 1/3/7/15 size

About current FOBs

They are bad because don’t add much to game, except being annoing

Not a profitable PvE
Not a fun PvE
Not a PvP
Not a player interaction point

So IMO this part of game should be deleted or expanded

Same between factions

Incursions can be in 2 modes: silent and active
Silent: This is current state of FOBs
Don’t count towards number of incursion. Don’t obey maximum number of incursions.
Possible additions:
Don’t show themselves in agency before capsuleer report.
Discovery - you see them on scan or overview. Then you’ll have button in agency - report FOB in
When silent incursion is discovered it’s possible to add ISC to reward payout for removing FOB from that system.

Active: Starts in system of silent incursion.
Sites start spawning in central and neibour systems.
Number of deployed FOBs in central system rise from 1 to 5-10. 2-3 FOBs are deployed in neibour systems. Destroyed FOBs will be redeployed
To end incursion central command post (stealthy well-armed) should be located and destroyed.
Each completed site and destroyed FOB add to the locating progress, but it decays over time.
If incursion did not complete in 2 weeks pirates take there luggage and leave. No LP payout.

Blood raiders

In blood we trust

They come for your blood capsuleer. Your pure blood. Not only blood of that mortals bastards.
Silent: some attacks on capsuleers. Kills pods.

Spawns visible in overview distress beacons where blood raiders attack ships. Usually human transport or battleships. (Human transport in Amarr space?)
Spawns visible in overview CONCORD defined attack points on pirate infrastructure
Spawns relic sites where bloody rituals prepare. Can be combat+hacking or hacking+running/combat. Second one don’t have defenders when first discovered. Your goal if you want to save some mortals from horrific death
Spawns combat sites with running rituals. Drifters appear in some of them


For fun and profit

Silent: some attacks on capsuleers. Preferes unprotected valuable targets.

Spawns visible in overview distress beacons where guristas attack civilian ships. Usually some transport
Spawns visible in overview CONCORD defined attack points on pirate infrastructure
Spawns gas sites with hidden cashes… or forces
Spawns combat sites with guarded stolen goods or just small staging point

Serpentis + Angel Cartel

Just business. Illegal business
Angels and serpentis invade as one force

Silent: really silent. Serpentise don’t like noise and Angels are disciplined.
Spawns some containers with drugs and other illegal goods on system moon/belt spots

Spawns visible in overview distress beacons where angels and serpentise attack science laboratories
Spawns visible in overview CONCORD defined attack points on pirate infrastructure
Spawns data sites with stolen/gathered data banks. Examples of data - raw experiment data|passwords used by lab crew|recorded calls|names of all cats in a system
Spawns relic sites with stolen experiment materials. Some of them are left behind some have guards
Spawns gas sites with “close to end user” booster production. Guarded usually

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Go die in a fire !


It’s a place where 80% of players play

We don’t like greedy people.

I would like to see more incursion types maybe cycle the faction so its not all ways the Sansha doing it all.

Updated drifter incursion part with more ideas and details
Will do same for Pirate incursions next week

Updated Pirate incursions part.

It took much more time because of RL reasons

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