Drifter and Sleeper Incursions

For awhile now New Eden has been aware of the presence of the Sleeper scout ships. The Amarr are far more familiar with Drifters of course.

I think its time that CCP develop Incursion level events surrounding both races presence in R-Space.

The events would not be as grand as the Sansha Incursions but would none the less be difficult to run but rewarding in the end.

Sleeper Incursions would involve finding the uncloaked (not needing to be probed down) sites that are linked to Sleeper Cache combat sites. The Sleeper Incursion sites would have five levels of Cache type sites that would need to be conquered before the event in the system de-spawned. The Cache type sites would be connected in a network through at least nine different systems where each Cache site had to be defeated in a particular order in to take the entire network down.

Once the entire network was down the systems would slowly de-spawn of Sleeper frigates and destroyers along cruisers that were escorting the Sleeper Harvesters that were gathering all the resources they were able to in order to continue building and repairing their race due to Capsuleer and Drifters destroying their ships in the wormholes.

Drawbacks to the Sleeper Incursions would be similar to Sansha Incursions but would also bring with it system wide bonuses or penalties similar to wormhole space.

The perks to these Sleeper Incursions would be that Rookie and High Sec pilots that would never go into a wormhole could experience the wormhole Sleepers first hand through the High, Medium Low and Null Sec events.

One interesting aspect of the Sleeper Incursions would be that which ever systems they occupied would cause the systems to fluctuate in their security status.

For example a Sleeper Incursion takes place in five .7 systems, 1 . 5 and 1 .3. The security status for each would drop by .5 making the .7 a .2, the .5 a 0.0 and the .3 a -.8 system. The security loss to the affected systems would be random and never able to be determined. One incursion could see a system lose up to a .5 reduction in security and only a .2 during the next incursion in the same system.

Needless to say the challenge of coding such a change to the system mechanics would be immense for the Devs but it would add another level of game play that would excite, entertain and literally scare the hell out of some players. When the change had been implented it, CCP could add it to the advertisement of this niche game to attract new and old players alike.

Drifter Incursions would be similar to running Sansha HQ missions for each Drifter site except the use of the Entosis Link would be required to power down each stage of the site, through a total of five dungeons, rooms or stages that would weaken the Drifter BS or Drifter Staging Point Sites to a point where the end would be more much more manageable.

C-1 through C-3 Sleeper ships would determine the overall difficulty of each site but would still entail having to Entosis nodes along the way to reduce the Drifter’s power in the end stage. By no means those will the Drifters be able to be rolled over through. The reduction in their systems would be DPS, repair ability and their overall EHP and resistances. Basically the Drifter sites would be set up like running Command Nodes to lower the Index for a system. But instead of lowering the index of the system the defensive and offensive systems of the Drifters would be lowered.

The Sleepers would be unrelenting as well warping in reinforcements from a nearby Wormhole to constantly replace their dead as well as gathering them up to recycle them.

PvE is also a great way to add content to the game and for the most part would add an overall layer that would attract new players who would love the back story along with the PvE environment.

Drifter and Sleeper Incursions however would not spawn in as frequent as the Sansha Incursions do but would none the less be part of the lore of Eve Online as like flesh and blood expanding outwards to conquer new space, so to would flesh and machine.

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You had me until this. Frankly, if these players aren’t willing to take risks I fully believe they should not be allowed to experience the more interesting things EVE has to offer.

You can jump into a hole from any part of space, including hisec, with basic scanning skills.

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What is R-space? Was new space opened up recently?

Regular space as in not having hemorrhoids, more fiber and stuff like that.

You really shouldn’t base your emotions on the actions of the Alpha’s Quelza. Its hurts everyone around you when you do.

Forcing high sec players into heavily occupied pirate space doesn’t work. The pirates will keep the sites protected to kill more bears.


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