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(Wallyx) #1

As you may know, Incursions are an old(ish) content and are getting a little bit outdated. Especially with Lore, cause thanks to the new NPE there is no “Sansha Threat” on them to be worry about and there was no new history about it since launch of Incursions.

I know that CCP update them here and there, but mainly for balance issues and to try to make Null-Sec ones more viable by letting Caps inside, but I think that it wasn’t enough. Also, there isn’t a fast way to deal with it in NS and they usually last the whole week because they’re not done.

So; in my own opinion; there is a lot of room to make some changes to this content, like been more impactful at all Sov levels, a fast way to deal with it, if done right, for NS and maybe introduce some changes to the fleets and ways they react and/or other new and fresh mechanics to them.

Also adding the possibility to expand the new lore in the NPE. I’ll add some of it myself, but in a very short version to not spoil anything if this Idea goes through, even if is not with I propose.

Please, read it carefully before posting as this introduction could lead to misunderstandings. Thanks :hearts:

Static to Invasion

First of all, I think the Incursion should be more impactful in all Sovs. To do so, they could change the way they are; actually static in 1 Constellation; and have some interaction depending on time and state of the Incursion while maintaining the actual drawbacks they have.

So, which interactions could have? Let’s think a little about the Drifter Incursions that happened in Amarr Space.

They invade systems and only disappear when they are completely destroy. If not, they invade nearby system. Let’s add this to the Incursions and some restrictions and conditions to it, depending of Security and to prevent an infinite Incursion in some of the Secure Systems.

And cause is a bit complicated all the things I propose, let’s start with a simplify version of it:

  • High-Sec -> They last 14 days since Spawn or 7 since 25% is reach with a 12h Warning from Concord. But if they invaded 3 constellations successfully, Concord will clear them without Warning.

  • Low-Sec and NPC Null-Sec -> Same as High-Sec, but as the Empires/Pirates are the ones which clear them, they can be Stop for reasons (Why not). Also, if they invaded 3 constellations, the Empire/Pirate of the Region will launch a Full Scale Attack with Deadly consequences to everyone in their path.

  • Sov Null-Sec -> Only Capsulers can clear the Incursion. But are more easy to clear; less sites needed to reach 0%; cause reasons (lore); if done right and in the first days of it. If not cleared, in time, they will conquer the Space and destroy every single Structure in the 4 Constellations of the Incursion.

  • The maximum amount of Constellations that a Single Incursion can have are 4, 1 Main and 3 Invaded. You can clear the Invaded Constellation first and then the Main Constellation or just the Main Constellation cause if this one falls, all Invaded Constellation too(lore).

Now, let’s expand all of this:

Incursion Power Level

As the Drifter are continuously sending forces to the Battlefield, they will gain strength if they are not attack and if they invade other Constellation they feel more confident to send even more forces. So, how this will be translate in to eve? Something like this:

  • lvl 0 -> This is the basic state of an Incursion. There are no Gate Camps at HS, but the normal Incursion Gate Camps at LS/NS.

  • Lvl 1 -> +25% more ships at the Main Constellation Sites. 125% more Fuel/ISK Costs for all Structures. Can be reduce by the % of the incursion to a minimum of 25%.

  • lvl 2 -> +50% more ships at the Main Constellation Sites. All Structures lose their bonuses.

  • lvl 3 -> +75% more ships at the Main Constellation Sites. All Structures lost connection with Upwell Network and they work as WH Space Structures (No Asset Safety, 1 day RF).

  • lvl 4 -> 100% more ships at the Main Constellation Sites. In HS Concord have Presence at Gates and Start to clear it. In LS/NPC Sov, the Empires/Pirates star the process to clear the Incursion, showing up at Sites and Gates. In NS Sov Only: the Drifters start attacking all the Structures; except Sov Structures; reinforcing them and, eventually, destroying them.

  • lvl 5 -> NS Sov ONLY -> 200% more Ships at Main Constellation Sites and 100% more ships in the rest of the Invaded Constellations. All Sov Structures will enter RF Time and if Destroy, Drifters will gain Sov. Gates heavily camped with Drifter Battleships.

  • NS Sov -> +1 lvl per Week since Spawn, this cannot be reduce by any means.


  • In the first 24h the incursion forces focus on the main Constellation, they can be attack but they won’t invaded nearby Constellations.

  • From 24 to 48h -> From the Main Incursion, they start launching attacks against nearby systems. This ones are at random times, focused in invaded Secure Systems up to 3.

  • 48h and more -> Focus on reinforcing Invaded Systems or Attack new ones if no systems to reinforce. When reinforcing already Invaded Systems, a nearby system of this Constellation will be invaded. If >50/75% of the Constellation is Invaded the next Reinforce in that Constellation cause a Complete Invasion of the Constellation and the Main Incursion Constellation is Upgraded 1 lvl.

Also, the time between Reinforcements is reduce by 12.5% per lvl of the Main Constellation.

Changes depending on %

While you clear Sites, you decreased the % as now. This % is shared with all the Invaded Constellations in that Incursion, but more Sites will be needed to reduce it the more lvl the Incursion has.
For example, a lvl5 Incursion will need 2 times the Sites to gain the same % as a lvl3 Incursion and this 2 times of a lvl1. Take in to account that NS Incursion will need less sites than HS/LW to gain the same %, as one of the key ideas is be faster to clear, but that does not mean easier.

  • 100% -> 50%
    Incursions Clear in 14 days since Spawn.
    Mom Site will spawn in 6 days for HS/LW/NPC Null.
  • 50% -> 25%
    No attacks on nearby systems. All Incursions Forces concentrated in the Main Base Constellation. Already Invaded Constellation not affected. Invaded System will not receive Reinforcement. ** This can be reverted if % increase to +50%.
    Incursion Clear 10 days or 14 since Spawn.
  • 25% -> 1%
    Incursion Clear 7 days or 14 since Spawn.
  • 0%
    Mom Site Spawn only for Sov Null, as they will not spawn with time.

Main Constellation <-> Invaded Constellation

They are basically the same, as the work the same way with the exception of the “Mom” site.

In the Main Constellation will be a Mom site, similar as they are now. In this case, for example, a Capital Ship that maintain a WH Open, so Drifter Units can enter the system, and control all the Forces in the Constellation. When this Ship is destroy, the WH Collapse and all Invaded Forces Self-Destruct.

But in the Invaded Constellation, the “Mom” site will be a Stronghold with a lower difficulty than the Mom site, but higher than the normal Sites and will Spawn when 0% is reach. This Stronghold controls that Constellation and share some power with the Main Constellation. When Destroy, all forces in that particular Constellation, self-destruct and part of the forces in the Main Constelation.

Invaded Systems.

The Systems that are invaded but are not part of a Invaded Constellation; first attacks; has a set amount of Sites. When this Sites are clear, the System is Secure.

In the case of a Constellation with 2 Invaded Systems, both need to be clear even if the connected with the Main Constelation is cleared first.

Sansha to Drifter

Right now, all Sansha Ships are the same in their particular Tier and the only way to know which one those what, you need to know their name or saw some effects like Reps. But Drifters are different and I dont think that having WH Ships in Know Space and add some random names to identify them, adding complexity to an already complex idea. So, why not make fleets based on Capsuler Ships, fits and tactics.

This way will be a little more simple to Identify key targets; like a Blackbird o Guardian; as well as adding a little bit of Random to the incursions because you wont know with type of fleet the Drifters send to a Particular Incursion until you arrive to it and encounter them; in the sites, belts or gates.

In all cases, only T1 Ships and some T2 Ships for some Key Roles, Like Logis or Tacklers. No T3, T2 BS or Pirate Ships.

Let’s give some examples, an Armor Fleet will be form mainly by Amarr and Gallente Ships focused in Close Range with some Long Range, and high control; Webs, scrambs, etc; and a Shield Fleet will be Caldari and Minmatar ships focused on Medium and Long Range ships but Low Control.

Also, both sides will have a Mix of Ewar, but mainly focus on the Races of the Fleets. So you will saw Blackbird in Armor Fleets and Arbitrators in Shield Fleets with respective fits or the T2 Elite variant Rook/Curse.

I know that Minmattar has viable Armor Setups, but let’s start simple.

In any case, Drifter BS will only appear at lvl5 Incursions in Null-Sec.


Probably some of you will say that they give a lot of ISK and are one of the main problems of the ISK Inflation. Personally I don’t think it is; see this Porn Graph But, they may need to be review anyway.

They will give same Concord LP/ISK as now. Maybe add other type of LPs depending on the location of the Incursion for Low and NPC Null.

As the Final Site is not a Sansha Mom, this will need to be change with some new stuff, maybe Drifter Stuff. I’m not very good at this, so feedback is wellcome.

But if Concord/Empires/NPCs clear the Incursion, won’t give LP or Loot.

BrainStorm Part

In this section I’ll add some ideas I have and add to all of this, but may be add too much complexity so I just tell them and not include in the whole idea; for some feedback.

Include WH Effects

  • There is a Change when the invasion spawn to have a WH Effect. This effect can limit the Ships which can enter the Site and fleet type that will spawn. This will need testing, as could be too powerful to have C6 effects or be impossible if Drifters will be affected too.

Also the effect not need to be exactly like know WHs. Could be a mix of 2 or new effects.

Some examples

  • Pulsar + Black Hole so fleets will need to be focused on Shield and Missiles to be effective. Only Drifter Shield Fleets.
  • Wolf Rayet and Sites restricted to Destroyer. Drifters Armor Fleet won’t spawn BCs or BSs. Also, Logis limited to Elite Frigates. No Drifter Shield Fleets.
  • New type with +damage to Medium guns. Sites limited to BC Size. Normal Drifter Fleets.

Impact on Gates at all Sec Levels.

  • As the Main Incursion increase in power, the Drifters Forces start sending attacks to the gates, engaging with the Racial Police and anyone who attack them. In this case, in Low-Sec and NPC Null-Sec, when lvl2 is reach the Empires and NPCs star sending forces to the Gates as they feel threatened.

Lore (Extremely sort version)

The same day the Sansha Nation launch their new Titan and Capital Fleet, the Drifters attack their Space forcing to retreat the Incursion Forces to defend themselves as their Main Fleets are not enough. When the Drifters retreat, they manage to destroy 80% of the Industrial Wing, 90 % of the Capitals (Dreads, Carriers, Faxes) that the Sanshas have, 50% of the Motherships, the new Titan and 40% of the Sub-Capital Fleet. Also they kill 60% of the Leadership that was at the Industrial Facility where the Titan was build.

Then the Drifters launch attack all over New Eden, first small ones then Incursion Type.


I’ll add general questions here.

Also I’ll update as feedback comes

(Sgt Ocker) #2

Best thing that could be done to “fix” incursions - Remove them.

You’ve come up with a nice little idea that could break Eve in so many ways. Creating PVE that impacts on player owned assets is never going to be a thing players want.
Making them take over more space isn’t going to encourage players to run them but it may see a lot less logins for the duration of the incursion. If incursions lead to loss of sov and player assets it will eventually lead to less logins permanently.

You can’t “force” players to do something they don’t want to - It only leads to people not playing at all.
The main reason nulsec incursions don’t get done is because players aren’t interested in them.

Primary problem with incursions (group content);
While each person participating in an incursion fleet can make rewards during the incursion the final reward goes to one person. This is the same issue with the BR Sotiyo’s , few people want to give up their time so one person can profit from it.
Group content needs to reward all those who participate equally or at least based on participation.

NB; Drifter incursions were removed because they were ignored (by the majority) and manipulated by those who ran them. Much the same as Burner missions - Once you have the right ship and fitting they simply become isk farms.

Nulsec doesn’t need more PVE it needs more day to day player interaction. That is unlikely to happen while large coalitions hold such great swathes of space and sov/structure mechanics are such a pita.

(Wallyx) #3

@Sgt_Ocker Umm, I didnt view it like you do and I need to agree with you.

There is too much solo player content that is much more rewarding than group content and also this one is focused on single rewards and huge efforts.

Maybe they should change Solo income content, lowering it, and increse the group content, focusing them on small groups(10-20 players) with equal rewards but be more rewarding than solo content. Then you give a reason(ish) to do it.

And yes, we need more player interaction content; not only in Null; but the state right now is focus on solo or huge groups, without middle ground wich could lead to small group PvP, even if the content is PvE.

Thanks to the feedback as you show me something I didnt think of and for now, I’ll scrach the idea.

(system) #4

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