Incursions need more sites ASAP

there are too many fleets on far too few sites

increases the number of active sites

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Declare war on some of the other players doing incursions, and evict them to take over the sites for yourself?


Ah, it’s this thread again…

Gank them, burst jamm their logi or move outside of highsec.

Reminds me of the time gankers infiltrated an Incursion running corp to gank a loudmouth CEO who was angering pretty much everyone around him and leeching off Incursion rewards by sitting AFK while in fleet.

Warning: the victim is very cringe.


I keep saying it: It’s the friendly carebears who can’t act like a normal human being, sperging the impotent rage. Now where’s that Daakkon video.


Incursions needs to be instanced. As every PVE in fact. :rofl:

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Incursions needs to be redone. Probably one of future expansion will be about that

Ban Incursions


Incursion communities don’t use corps for exactly this reason. At one point it was advised that incursion runners all have a 1-man corp for themselves so avoid wardec’s.

It sounds like there’s a simple solution of requiring players to be in a structure-owning player corporation before they can enter incursion sites.


It sounds like people are trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.

I did incursions during the initial few months of release while it was more popular. luckily I had enough SP and ISK to pilot top end incursion fits so i got into the “better” community for vanguards.

If there’s someone in a site, you go in and you contest it. IIRC most killing blows in a site resulted in it being awarded to the fleet with the KB’s. Unless that’s changed, then the system works fine.

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Ah, yes, “competitive PvE.”

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The reason incursions are so lucrative is exactly because there’s competition. It’s like rare asteroids or high value hacking sites.

And everything in Eve is PVP, especially the PVE. Alliances wage months long wars over the right to shoot bots and pop rocks.

Oh HELLLLL no. Were you here when incursions came out? Do you remember how cheap Plex was before this BS? If anything Incursions should finally be removed because they were only supposed to be temporary.

Do they still let you do them in HS? If so that’s complete BS.

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Posts like this really makes me wish there was a cry laughing emote.


Wait, all those nullsec wars started over personal grudges, boredom, fun, and/or passive income technetium moons (to avoid having to do PvE at all) weren’t started because of PvE NPCs and belt ores?

Color me shocked!

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I thought we were talking about Incursions.

You know I dont believe in Nullsec conflict.

Oh, I interpreted the second line about nullsec, since I don’t recall Incursions requiring “popping rocks”. My b.

Oh yeah fair point.

I was just wondering how competition increased the payout in Incursions. I was under the impression they were set values, not that anyone is going to risk their bling chariot in PvP anyway.

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Contested sites get cleared faster. If you have active contests going on and can win them, you get elevated money making until the other side leaves.
Of course that is at a personal level. Per character in site the isk goes down because the people losing the contest make zero.

But yeah, if you can’t get an empty site, just contest it. Or run one of the less popular sites or fleet sizes.