Unidentified Wormholes

Is it Worth Exploring the Unidentified Wormholes.
they are identified as Drifter-owned wormholes if searched on google.
do they have good Data or relic sites.
do sleeper data sites Spwan there in Drifter Wormholes, as Sleepers can also be found in those Unidentified Wormholes.
What about Combat sites?
how hard and lucrative the Combat sites in unidentified Wormholes are?

The main feature of Drifter wormholes are the connections all across New Eden. They can have 50-60 wormholes in them active at a time. This means it takes a lot of time (allow 2 hours if you don’t have good skills and virtues) to scan out the wormhole to find the signatures that are not wormholes.

There’s combat sites - these have drifter battleships in. Drifter battleships are the scariest NPC in the game - they have a 3500km scram and web range, about 1000dps omni dps each and a literal doomsday if you break their shield. The loot is quite poor.

These wormholes exist as a highway for smaller ships (the holes only have 750,000 total mass) to move around New Eden, and not much else.

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